Welcome To Our Kitchenotic Family!


Kitchenotic, the most detailed kitchen review platform out there, helps thousands of people make every purchase an actual investment based on their personal needs. People across the world rely on Kitchenotic to educate themselves on the best kitchens appliances before making more informed decisions. Our platform is a portal to another dimension – you can now forget about the guesswork.

What Motivates Us To Start This Blog

Kitchenotic was established as a personal need. Our family needed a kitchen upgrade and everything we could find online would promise us the world. Every appliance was super powerful. Every kitchen was flawless. We went with the flow and disappointment was just around the corner. Our stove looked good, but it felt flimsy and made some funny noises when we moved it. It took weeks until it needed a repair.


This is when we decided to create Kitchenotic. We know there are lots of people in our situation. People want an upgrade and the kitchen is not the type of room you fool around with. You can, of course, go through a few reviews from random people over shopping websites. but sometimes that will leave you with no clue on how authentic they are. You do not know anything about their standards either.


Our reviews go in a different direction. We tell you what to expect from each feature. We tell you how it works and how it can benefit you. This is not a perfect world, so we will give you both the pros and cons. At this point, it makes no difference what you need or how high your standards are. You will know precisely what to expect from one product or another, so a good decision is only minutes away.


Looking for kitchen appliances? Consider it done. How about your first induction stove top? We have a few reviews there as well. We analyze products – many of them in our own kitchen for a test drive before returning them, so we can give you an extremely detailed review. It is a personal experience that leaves no room for misinterpretations. We grab an item, we use it, and we tell you whether or not the manufacturer’s claims are realistic.

Our Mission

Here at Kitchenotic, we also run a blog for those who want as much as possible from this experience. Not sure about the perfect distance between the fridge and the stove? Looking for some simple ideas if your kitchen space is limited? Undecided between a classic gas stove and an induction one? We compare things, give you tips, ideas and suggestions to make everything work in your kitchen.


To us, as a family, the kitchen is that special room where we spend most of our time. We eat together, chill, read the newspaper and socialize, so we want this room to be fully functional and comfortable. We know we are not the only family in this situation and we know many families struggle to reach this level of comfort. This is why we have created Kitchenotic – helping people gain as much as they can from their kitchens.​