Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven Reviews

Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven Reviews in 2022

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Sometimes, your job and other duties make you busy. Before you know it, you do not have enough time to prepare a nice meal for your family. Thanks to the invention of faster cookers, like the Ambiano convection oven, you can now cut your cooking time significantly. Looking at Ambiano turbo convection oven reviews online, you will see how this little wonder can change your life, too.


But first, you may be thinking what a convection oven is. Put simply, a convection oven cooks by letting hot air circulate and evenly spread within the oven. The result is faster cooking time and more evenly cooked meal from all sides. Unlike a microwave oven where you have limited cookware choices, you can use anything in a convection oven.


The next sections will provide you with more information about the Ambiano oven. It may be the only other thing you will need to prepare your meals while doing other tasks.

Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven Reviews in 2022


Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven Reviews

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  • Reduce cooking time(30%)

  • Easy to managed

  • 3 years warranty

  • Fast heating process

  • Manufacturing defects(rare case)


About the Brand

Aldi US is the distributor for Ambiano cookers. Ambiano is one of the quality finds and brands that Aldi recommends in its websites. Aside from cookers, Ambiano also makes blenders, food processors, and toasters. If you already own an Ambiano product, you will know that this oven is a good catch as well. If you are not familiar with the brand, then this convection oven is a good way to start acquainted.

Features Of Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven

Before looking at the Ambiano turbo convection oven reviews, check the product features first. By looking at the features, you could already evaluate if this is something that is right for you.


Faster Cooking Time

Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven Reviews The first, and probably the most important feature of this product, is the ability to cook food faster. There is about a 30% decrease in cooking time because of the convection cooking method. With traditional ovens, heat comes from a single point and takes longer to spread throughout the oven.


Because of the fans that help circulate the air, heat spreads faster, thus food cooks faster. Since air circulates, this also eliminates the need to flip the food over to avoid uneven cooking. That is a necessary step when cooking using a traditional oven.


You may refer to the manual which provides a list of recommended temperature and cooking time for different food items. This will help you achieve the best results with each meal. As food preferences vary from one person to another, you may adjust the settings accordingly.


Microwave cooking could be faster than cooking using a convection oven. However, microwaved meals usually come out as dry or overcooked, and full of radiation. With the use of a convection oven, you get to save time without compromising the quality of your food or your family’s health.


Multiple Cooking Modes

You may use the Ambiano turbo convection oven in the same way that you can use a traditional oven. Broil chicken infused with mouth-watering herbs and with vegetables on the side. Roast steak or grill burger patties and match it with rice, mashed potato or make your own burger. If you want something healthy or sweet, you may also use it for baking. On top of that, you can use this convection oven for steaming.


Delay, Warm and Reheat Functions

The turbo convection oven from Ambiano has a delay feature. This means you can set up your oven to open at a specific time. This comes in handy if you want to preheat your oven while you are still finishing up at work. By the time you come home, you do not have to preheat the oven and you can cook right away. This feature is also helpful if you want a few extra minutes before getting up in the morning.


The keep-warm function also comes in handy if you want to keep your meal warm without overcooking it. You do not have to rush your meal just because the food will get cold. You can eat at your own pace and enjoy a meaningful conversation with your loved ones. This is also helpful if you need to keep the food warm for someone who will be coming in late.


The oven also comes with a reheat function. This allows you to enjoy any leftover food conveniently. You do not have to transfer the food to another cookware. You do not have to use the stove or other cooking equipment in your kitchen to do it.


User-Friendly Controls and Safety Lock

The temperature and time settings of this convection oven is easy to understand. The oven comes with a temperature and timer guide which can help you a lot at first. However, the guide is not set in stone and you may customize based on your cooking preference. With time and as you cook more dishes, you will be able to come up with your own customized guide. The oven also comes with a safety lock. This ensures your safety and prevents the oven from accidentally turning on.


Dishwasher Safe

The cooking area itself is dishwasher safe, so you will also save time in cleaning it up. With traditional ovens or microwave, you must manually wipe the spills off since you cannot put them in a dishwasher. This could take a lot of time, especially if you prepared something with oil or sauce. With the convection oven, you just need to clean the lid, and the rest goes to the dishwasher. This means more time saved which you can spend resting or doing other things.


Satisfied users of this product explain how they loved the reduced cooking time. Aside from the 30% reduction in cooking time, there is no need to hover over what you are cooking. When using a traditional oven, you usually need to flip the food for both sides to cook evenly. Because of the convection cooking method, you can just set the timer and the temperature and leave it. You can do other tasks and come back once the food is ready to serve.


The warm and reheat functions also do wonders in how you manage your food. It is possible to keep your dish warm from start to finish because of the keep warm function. If you have some leftovers, you can use the reheat function. This will help you serve your leftover food faster and avoid burning or overcooking while reheating.


Lastly, the three-year warranty means you can expect to use your oven for a long time. The cost of this oven is small compared to the amount you will save from ordering food or eating out. You can feed yourself and your family with home cooked meals anytime you want and save at the same time.



Some Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven reviews from unsatisfied customers discuss how easily the oven breaks after a few uses. Some talk about the inconvenience of going back to the store to get a replacement or refund. This could be manufacturing defects and not something that all customers experience. It could also be due to an error in setting up or navigating the controls.


To address this, the company offers a warranty and a refund if you find the product defective. To minimize the hassle of going back and forth, you could also test the oven before purchasing it. Of course, you will not be able to test how fast it cooks while in the store. However, you can ask the store to turn it on for you. You will see how to operate it properly. At the same time, you can check if there are any defective wiring or oven parts before bringing it home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions about the Ambiano convection oven.


Does it have a warranty?

Based on the brand’s warranty and manual’s section, this product has a three-year limited warranty. It also comes with the Ambiano turbo convection oven manual to help you understand how to use this product correctly.


What are the things you can cook with it?

There are no restrictions. You can cook anything you can eat. You can use any cookware or bakeware without worrying about blowing up the oven. To avoid any accidents, make sure you are using the right voltage and you know how to navigate the controls.


Is the cooking time really reduced?

Based on Ambiano turbo convection oven reviews, cooking time for this oven is quicker than that of a traditional oven. Since hot air circulates evenly, unlike in traditional ovens where the heat comes from one direction only, food cooks faster.



Based on the features and the Ambiano turbo convection oven reviews from existing customers, this is a must try. By reducing the cooking time by 30%, you get the benefits of home cooked meals without significantly changing your routine. You can save money because home cooked meals cost less than ordering from restaurants. In addition, you can make sure that you and your family are eating safe and healthy food.


There are some customer reviews where the product was not working. However, since the Ambiano convection oven comes with a warranty, you have nothing to lose by trying this product. If it works, you can start planning for your family’s next meal or a small gathering with friends. After all, cooking will be fun and easy, thanks to this wonderful innovation.


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