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Blender Leaking Black Liquid? Here’s Why!

Your blender is often your best friend. Are you after a quick drinkable breakfast full of vitamins and other nutrients? Get a shake or a smoothie. Throw some healthy foods in, blend for half a minute and get all the nutrients you require for the day. But then, the blender has numerous other uses. Furthermore, these things are not rated to last forever. Some problems are more obvious than others. Some of them you can fix, while others require a replacement. Dealing with a blender leaking black liquid could be one of the most confusing ones.


Leaks are quite common in most water-using appliances. At some point or another, your dishwasher will leak. The same rule applies to your shower and perhaps every other tap in your house. But then, these leaks are usually based on water. You see water leaks – colorless. When black liquid comes out, all you can think about is a replacement. Black liquid looks bad because you know there is something else in there and not just water. Plus, you imagine all those liquids could easily get pushed into your smoothies as well. So, what are the causes behind the black liquid coming out of blender and how do you fix it?


So, What Causes Blender Leaking Black Liquid?


1) Age-related causes

Blender Leaking Black Liquid Age-related issues will show up at some point or another because nothing lasts forever. When you see the blender leaking black liquid, the issue is most commonly related to its age. Practically, whether you blend very soft foods (like raspberries) or harder things, some of the food leftovers are most likely getting in the internals – most commonly, between the bearing and the shaft. Removing the food is quite difficult and you are less likely to even notice it.


Then, the mixed foods trapped in there will eventually go down inside the blender. There is probably more stuff in there that has turned black due to the natural rotting process. The new food is mixed in and the whole thing gets a dark appearance. New food constantly pushes the old food out. As a direct consequence, the black leftovers will leak under the blender and this is the disgusting black food you keep seeing.


If this is the first time you see the black leak, turn the blender upside down and you will most likely see a fine black coat already. By the time these leftovers leak out, it is a bit too late. Other changes have also kicked in, but they were so smooth that you did not even notice them. For instance, look at the blade. Look at how fast it moves now and remember how smooth and quick it used to be in the blender’s first days of use. Try turning it by hand – make sure the blender is not plugged in. It will feel a bit stiff.

Cleaning it

You can try saving the blender by spending more time cleaning it. Get some dish-washing liquid, mix it with water and run it through the blender. Run the blender for a minute or so. Drain it out, then do the same with clean water. You might need to rinse one more time with fresh water if you can still see bubbles in the leftover water. Since many blades are removable, you can also disassemble this part and clean everything underneath.


Keep an eye on the shaft too. Get a string around the shaft and move it left and right to remove old and stiff pieces of food. No matter which option you use, always rinse with fresh water once you are done cleaning. If you actually disassemble some of the parts, let them dry thoroughly. If the shaft feels a bit stiff or too slow, simply get some nontoxic spray or solution and lubricate it. Do it from underneath, to ensure it actually gets in.


2) Defective rubber gasket

Blender Leaking Black Liquid The rubber gasket is one of the first things that will wear down in a blender. It makes no difference how much money you pay for it or what kind of premium brand you invest in. A rubber gasket will break down anyway at some point or another – it is just normal wear and tear. Since this is a piece of rubber, you cannot really fix it – no one will do it for you either. What you can do instead is replace it because rubber gaskets are cheap and easy to find.


Believe it or not, the rubber gasket is considered to be a consumable part. It is fully replaceable and everyone – including manufacturers – expect it to wear out with time. How do you know it is the gasket responsible for the blender leaking black liquid then? Simple! Based on our research, you should try to find out where the leak comes from. If the leak seems to come from the bottom part of the blender, the gasket is the most probable cause.


Again, you can’t really fix the gasket. Lots of people choose to replace it themselves – a good DIY project. However, you can also seek help from a professional if you are not the DIY type.


3) Glass cracks

Blender Leaking Black Liquid People often overlook glass cracks – however, these are some of the most popular issues out there. People see a leak by the blender and they blame it on its internals – especially the rubber gasket. Most of them do not realize that jars might be cracked or damaged too – quite common if you tend to drop things. You are less likely to notice this crack straight away. If you drink your shake as soon as you get it done, you will fail to notice the crack.


Leaving the jar there for a while will leak out the liquid. If it is close to the blender, you will probably blame the actual blender. But then, it could be in your car or the gym too. In such cases, it is a bit more obvious. Just like the rubber gasket, the glass jar cannot really be fixed – there are some chemical or toxic solutions, but not worth it. Instead, get in touch with the brand. If your warranty covers such damage, you might get a free replacement. If you are not eligible for it, at least you know where to get a new jar from.


How do you know the leak comes from broken glass? Try to identify the source. If the leak comes from the top, rather than the basket, you most likely have a cracked jar.


4) Trapped food leftovers

Trapped food leftovers bring in a lot of trouble. Some of them are tiny – you can barely see them, not to mention failing to pick them up. With time, they clog up and they harden, meaning the blades will slow down. Not only will your shakes be thicker and full of pieces, but slow blades will also cause leaking problems because there is plenty of time for juices to go through. If you can see a black leak out of the blender, chances are those leftovers have caused it to malfunction.


Again, the best way to fix this problem is to take parts apart. You will have to remove parts of the blender – mostly the internals. Make sure it is not plugged in. Remove the blades first, then anything else you have access to. Get a small brush and clean everything. If you do not feel like taking parts apart, you can also throw some dishwashing liquid inside, let it soak and soften everything, then give it a quick rinse – use fresh water and run it for a minute or so.


5) Failed cleaning procedures

If you think that cleaning the blender and greasing it every now and then will prevent all your problems, you better make sure you do it right. Ideally, you should use a nontoxic greasing spray for parts to move smoother. Sure, some people will recommend toxic sprays too – simply make sure they are unable to get into the parts that touch the actual food.


Now, a very common problem implies using too much spray. More is not always better in this case. Using too much spray will eventually cause it to leak back. As a direct consequence, that dark liquid – which is usually full of dust and other particles too – will leak out. Your blender may not necessarily have an issue itself. It may not be broken and leaks may not necessarily come from the gasket – also known as the O ring.


How To Clean A Blender?


Bottom line, a blender leaking black liquid can easily be fixed. Many brands today manufacture blenders with their most common problems in mind. Simply put, if something goes wrong, chances are you can replace it yourself without spending too much money. In fact, you might be able to find common parts – like rubber gaskets – in every random store.


Of course, if the problem seems more severe or you are not the DIY type, you can always seek help from a professional repair center. Even if you hire a professional for the job, the price will still be quite low.


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