bosch benchmark induction range reviews

Bosch Benchmark Induction Range Reviews in 2022

Cooking has evolved for good.  Bosch, the world’s best kitchen appliance brand, is proof of that. The first induction cooktops and stoves were designed by Bosch, with this company, it can only get better. The brand features a two 30 inch induction range to fit your cooking needs. The 800 series and Benchmark are the two induction ranges that will change your cooking experience for the better. With our Bosch benchmark induction range reviews, you will definitely be able to choose the right one for your kitchen.


There is not much difference between the two ranges, but it is the little things that make all the difference. Bosch’s benchmark series costs a little more because of its  Flexinduction technology that allows the users to use the cooktop as one large induction top for large cooking pots. Apart from the obvious large oven and beautiful display, the Bosch benchmark induction range brings a lot to the table.


Bosch is one of the best choices you will ever make if you wish to go the induction route. In this article, we shall review Bosch HIIP054U 30″ Induction Slide-in Range Benchmark Series, one of the best cooktops worth your money. There are many positive bosch benchmark induction range reviews. If it works well with everyone, I am sure it will work well with you too. So let’s get started.

Bosch Benchmark Induction Range Reviews


Bosch HIIP054U: 30″ Induction Slide-in Range Benchmark Series
Bosch Benchmark Induction Range Reviews


  • Easy to clean
  • Precise control
  • Energy efficient
  • Fast heating
  • Long lasting
  • Can only be used with induction cookware
  • Comes with one of the smallest-capacity oven in the market

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The Bosch HIIP054U is a top-notch stainless steel unit with features that you deserve in your kitchen space. Here is our unbiased detailed review of Bosch HIIP054U induction slide-in benchmark series, one of the Bosch induction cooktop available in the market.


Burner arrangement

You will fall in love with these burner arrangements. There are two burners on the right side that can be used as ordinary burners. The flex zone is placed on the left side, and you can use it as one large burner, three small power burners, or two standard burners.

The unit’s burner zones feature speed boast. However, you can only get to use two burners at a given time. So, what is speed boast?

  • Speed Boost is an induction technology that avails more power to two or one burner for a given period. This means that the induction burner will function at a significantly higher wattage. You will love this feature, especially when you are in a hurry.

Speed Boast pulls wattage from one burner to the other as explained above, and you can only use two burners at a given time. You will not be able to use the other burners when in this mode fully. Your burners will have normal power when not in speed mode.


The main downside with this mode is that it runs so fast, and it may not spare you time to prepare your cooking ingredients. You have to do that before setting your burner in this mode. The oil in the pan will heat so fast; your pan is likely to burn if you move an inch away from your cooking.

Cooktop controls

You will love using this Bosch benchmark range unit thanks to its responsive controls. All you have to do is turn it on and select a burner followed by pressing on a preferred number to adjust to your preferred setting. Amazingly, you can have the timer for each burner setting.


This range comes with light indicators to show you which burner is on.  This range can also detect a pot, and it will shut off after a minute of inactivity. We feel this is an energy-saving and safety feature.

Cooking modes

The Bosch benchmark range comes with 11 oven modes. They include; convection bake, bake, pizza, roast, broil, convection broil, proof, sabbath mode, and broil. All these modes made your cooking super easy, and there is no doubt that you will get the desired results out of your cooking.

Oven Controls

The Bosch HIIPO544U oven control panel is designed to make work easier for you in the kitchen. The unit features a large display panel, touch mode selections, and a numeric keypad to set your desired temperatures and cooking duration.

  • The oven is easy to use. All you need to do is select the mode and have the temperature set using the numeric keypad. The settings appear on the display once the oven starts running.

Interestingly, you won’t have to set the temperature on some modes such as warming drawers. The unit comes in a medium setting; you can change according to your preference. You can shift from low to high, high to medium, and so on. Press enter to affect the settings.


The unit comes with a detailed manual to help you learn how to set each mode and what results you should expect.

Warming Drawer

This compartment is located below the oven.  It is meant to keep food and plates warm. We love its size that can accommodate two extra-large pans at ago. It features a separate setting, thus easy to use.

Power consumption

You will like the Bosch Induction range because you will not have to spend more on your power. The unit requires a 240V/40 amp hookup, which is sold separately. You can be assured that you will not experience a spike in your power consumption.


Bosch Induction Range Reviews – Bosch HIIP054U 30”Key features highlights

BOSCH - HIIP054U - Benchmark™ Series - Stainless Steel

Cooktop specifications :

4 burners with timer function:


  • Front left: 2200W
  • Rear left:2200W
  • FrontRight:1400W
  • Rear Right:2600W

 General design

  • Features stainless and black glass with LED display(red  and white color)
  • Comes with digital controls
  • Large oven window
  • Dampened hinges that quietly guide smooth closing of the door
  • Touch control for oven operation.
  • Fits into any 30-inch space
  • Cooktop features
  • Features dedicated power on all burners to cook food in half the time of conventional.
  • It has 17 settings for specific heat control, including keeping warm and power boasts.
  • Features overhanging top to prevent easy and fast cleaning
  • Made of glass-ceramic that is resistant to ceramic.
  • The precise select function that eliminates menu

 Oven settings

  • Features 4.6 cu.ft
  • Temperature ranges from 100-450F
  • Comes with a telescopic rack
  • Has 11 specialized cooking modes
  • Comes with an automatic convection option.
  • Includes a meat probe that switches off the oven when the needed temperature is attained.
  • Boasts a removable oven door
  • Has an auto-shutoff on the oven timer
  • Comes with multiple rack convection baking mode.
  • Advanced Circulation system to help with convection for even cooking of food.
  • Convection temperature conversion
  • Includes three racks
  • Has multiple rack convection baking mode.
  • Fast preheating

Convenience features

  • Features 3600 watts speeds
  • Has a warming drawer that keeps  food warm
  • Two oven lights to help monitor cooking progress
  • Large window for monitoring cooking process
  • Kitchen timer

Safety features

  • K- star certified
  • Auto shutoff on the cooktop
  • Panel locks on the cooktop and oven control panel to ensure no inadvertent changes.
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty to cover an issue that may arise.



Flex induction vs. Autochef

Bosch benchmark induction range features flex induction; how significant is this feature?


Flex induction with power move simply makes it possible for the two left burners to be used as one large burner or even as three small ones. You have to remember to control the burner when using the power move feature. The beauty of this mode is that you don’t have to change any settings because the stove automatically does that.


Autochef, on the other hand, is a feature that keeps the burner at a specific temperature. This means that if you set it at 400F, it never changes in any circumstances. For instance, if you set your temperature at 300F, it won’t change when you add ingredients to your pan or remove it from the burner. Lots of bosch benchmark induction range reviews claimed that this mechanism is reliable when you want to set your burner and go.


Slide-In vs. Freestanding

What is the difference between the freestanding and slide-in ranges?  Slide-in induction ranges from Bosch fit the space between the kitchen counters. This series does not feature finished sides. The slide-in range from Bosch is made to fit into any 30-inch space in your kitchen.


Freestand ranges have their controls on the back while slide-in has controls on the front side.  The slide-in range allows the user to have better customize the kitchen and have a complete view of the backside.  You will need extra trim to replace the freestanding unit with a slide- in. Thanks to Bosch slide in induction range, you can save yourself much hassle.

Should you choose induction cooking?

Bosch Benchmark vs. Miele Slide-In Induction Ranges (Reviews ...

Why should you consider buying a Bosch benchmark induction range? Induction is an innovation that uses magnets to cook. All the burners feature magnets that heat when in contact with another magnetic metal.


Fast cooking: Induction cooktops heat up fast thus reduced cooking time. A typical gas or electric cooktop will require another object to transfer heat. Induction cooking, on the other hand, produces heat straight to your cooking pot. The electromagnetic mechanism heats your cookware much faster, thus significantly reducing your overall time in the kitchen.


Energy efficiency: This mechanism of cooking is more energy-efficient than electric and gas. The heat is produced within the pan through induction; the food heats evenly and properly. You will get to save a coin or two on your power bills. Additionally, there will not be too much heat produced in the kitchen since the is no heat lost during the operation.


Safe: Stoves are one of the main causes of fire in homes. It is, therefore, crucial that you choose wisely. Induction cooktops do not have a flame on the top. Additionally, it is free of gas leaks; you can touch the top and not get burnt at all.  The burners heat up rapidly when turned on and cools the same way, which is termed one of the safest ways of cooking.


Easy control:  You deserve a stove that is easy to operate. Furthermore, its settings should be responsive to get the desired results.  Induction cooktops come with dedicated settings, and you get to enjoy every minute of your cooking.

Is Bosch Induction slide-in Benchmark series worth it?

Should you buy this Bosch benchmark induction range cooktop? There is no doubt that there is so much to love about the Bosch induction series. This range comes with classic flex induction cooktop that will make you love each minute of your cooking. However, like most products in the market, this range comes with  some downsides:


  • We feel that the range’s oven is smaller as compared to that of its competitors’
  • This range does not include broiler pan.
  • The oven controls are placed on top of the unit; it becomes so challenging to see on top going by the fact that the panel is angled.




Do we recommend this range? Absolutely! In fact, many of the bosch benchmark induction range reviews you see will say the same thing.  As you may have noted, Bosch is a household name when it comes to quality kitchen appliances. Bosch induction range offers more than you bargained for!  Going for the 30 inches induction series like Bosch HIIP054U brings a lot of convenience to your kitchen. We recommend putting your money where value is!


I hope you enjoy reading our bosch benchmark induction range reviews and we have helped you in explaining the full details about it. Now let’s find out which type of cookware is suitable for the electric stove.

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