Can You Use Induction Cookware On Electric Stove

Can You Use Induction Cookware On Electric Stove?

Electric stoves have been a reliable source of heat for cooking for several homes in a long time. It is a safe method of cooking as compared to gas stoves, which feature open flames that can be hazardous. So,  can you use induction cookware on electric stove?


Induction cookware mainly targets the induction cooktop. However, it has several other advantages that kitchen enthusiasts will not resist. Many people believe that induction cookware is only meant to be used with an induction cooktop. This article reveals misconceptions surrounding induction cooking and answers some of the most asked questions about induction cooking.

What Is Induction cooking?

Can You Use Induction Cookware On Electric Stove Induction cooking uses magnetic induction through electricity as the source of heating. An electric cooktop features a copper coil wire that transfers electricity to the cookware through induction.  This process creates a dedicated magnetic field that facilitates the proper cooking of food.


The benefit of using Induction cooking method

Can You Use Induction Cookware On Electric Stove Why should you consider induction cooking? Induction cookware has gained popularity in the past few years for several reasons. Most families are switching from conventional cookware to induction cookware and cooking. So, what is the excitement all about?


Rapid heating

There is no heat lost when it comes to induction cooking as the heat is generated from the metal itself. For this reason, you get to cook your food much faster.

Proper temperature control

Induction cookware can control the temperature much better than non- induction cookware hence minimum chances of overcooking. Besides, you get to cook delicious meals because the cookware preserves nutrients as a result of controlled heating.

Quick cleaning

We all love appliances that we can easily clean. You need to soak your pans in warm soapy water to get rid of stains before you can rinse with clean running water.



Induction cooking is safe even when your kids and pets are playing in the kitchen; you can be assured that burns are unlikely to happen. The cookware and the cooktop become cooler within a short period of turning the cooktop off.

Can You Use Induction Cookware On Electric Stove?

Using the right cookware on the electric stove results in reduced cook time, less energy consumption, and better meals.


Induction cookware is designed using ferromagnetic material such as magnetic iron. The base of the pan is usually made of this material, while the rest of it remains conventional. It is this mechanism that makes the cookware suitable for any type of stove; electric or gas.  There is no doubt that their versatility is the main reason behind their popularity.


Let me set something straight!  Induction cookware can be used on any stove. However, for the induction cooktop, you will only have to use induction cookware.


When it comes to induction cookware, you will have to ensure that the base features steel. Additionally, the cookware has to boast non- stick layer on the outside.


Here are some of the best variations of whether can you use induction cookware on electric stove.

-Porcelain cast iron is ideal when entirely covered by enamel and has a thick flat bottom. Avoid boiling dry these pots as they can melt and stick to the cooktop surface.

-Cast iron is another perfect induction cookware to use on your electric stove. The pans may be slow to heat up; however, their performance is top-notch once they properly heat up. A little patience is all you need!

-Sandwiched clad stainless steel is worth the money. The pans conduct and distribute heat rapidly for fast cooking. They are also long-lasting.


Non – Induction Cookware

There are several non- induction friendly cookware that you can use on your electric stove. One such cookware is aluminum; this is quite popular in several households thanks to its ability to conduct heat faster than most metals. The only disadvantage with aluminum is that it leaves a residue that looks like scratches.


Copper pans will cook your meals fast and evenly; however, just like aluminum, they also leave a residue that appears like scratches on its surface. The marks can be cleaned using soap and fine sponge.


Other pans that you can safely use are those made of titanium and carbon steel. As long as the base is smooth, you have nothing to worry about.

Pans that should not be used on an electric stove

It is recommended that you avoid using glass cookware because you will spend more time cooking in them than with other cookware. Glass is a poor conductor of heat, thus resulting in poor performance.


Stoneware is also a poor conductor of heat, resulting in long cooking hours. Besides, they may scratch your cooking surface.

Tips for using induction cookware


  1. Ensure that your pans have a flat base to avoid cracking the cooktop. It would be best if you had a flat bottom pan and a smooth cooktop for well- cooked meals.
  2. Avoid putting extremely hot or cold pans on the cold or warm surface of the electric stove. A sudden change of temperature will cause the container to develop an uneven surface.
  3. Your pans should not be too light or too heavy. This is to ensure that you can easily place them on the cooking surface and safely lift them after cooking.
  4. Avoid washing your copper cookware in your dishwasher. Copper discolors when exposed to dishwasher tablets.
  5. Allow your cookware to cool down before you can wash it. Soak your cookware to get rid of stains quickly



So, can you use induction cookware on electric stove? The answer is YES. Without an induction cooktop, you can still use your induction cookware.  Induction cookware brings the excitement of cooking on your electric stove without worrying about damaging it.

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