Can You Use The Stove While The Oven Is On?

Can You Use The Stove While The Oven Is On? IS IT SAFE?!

In the modern world, our lives are surrounded by very busy schedules and they must all be accordingly catered for. Eating is part of the ways that we can nourish our bodies especially after, or during a day’s work. What happens when you are in a hurry and you want to cook and maybe bake at once? A fast way is to complete the tasks simultaneously, but, can you use the stove while the oven is on? Is it safe and advisable? We have all the details, so you only need to read on.


So, Can You Use The Stove While The Oven Is On?

Can You Use The Stove While The Oven Is On

The answers to this question are yes and no. The “yes” would be satisfactory for some situations and the “no” would fit other situations. Let us look into which situation fits which answer.


Technology has been immensely improved particularly when it comes to cooking and this has only made our jobs easier and more efficient. A range is a common kitchen appliance that combines an oven and a stovetop. Sometimes ranges are referred to as stoves. The stovetop will usually be used for cooking methods such as searing, boiling, and sautéing while the oven is used for baking, roasting, grilling or broiling. Where you have your oven and stove as one unit, electricity or gas is mostly used to run the units but, some cookers combine the two and you have a choice. You can choose to use an oven and stove simultaneously since most advanced appliances are designed to enable the use of the two. However, if you choose to go this way, a lot of factors need to be considered and analyzed.


Most cookers are meant to work harmoniously but you also need to be sure what amount of power each specific unit handles. Determine if each unit can be supplied with adequate power. This means that for electric units you will need to check if they are wired to work at the same time. If your stove and oven are linked to the same gas line, it is not advisable to use them concurrently.


An inadequate power supply can bring about; a fuse blow-up for the cooker when turned on or tripping of the circuit breaker if it is available.


Can you cook and bake at the same time? You can, but you need to take certain measures into consideration.


Factors That Will Not Allow You To Use The Oven And Stove At The Same Time

The imbalance that can be caused in terms of power is what will not allow you to use these units simultaneously. In such a scenario, the problem may be;

Can You Use The Stove While The Oven Is On

  • A pressure issue- The gas pressure may be too low to serve the two units and it may need to be boosted. Once this is increased, then you can use the two at the same time.
  • An issue with the clock-You need to ensure that for each unit, the clock is not set on Auto. If this is not the issue, it is likely that the power supply to each unit has been tampered with. An interrupted power supply may cause the clock to be tuned to Auto.


Factors To Consider When Simultaneously Using The Oven And Stove

Divide and adjust the temperatures accordingly

You will need to divide temperatures for each unit carefully. The temperature for the stove and oven will be required to be within 100 degrees Fahrenheit of one another to avoid power surges and the inability to cook. Either the stove or oven needs to be hotter than the other. This is needed for an electric stove and an electric oven. If they don’t use electricity, there is no need to check this.


With an oven that is not adequately insulated, added heat will be transmitted to the stovetop, and ultimately, you need to be careful with the temperature set up. It is important that you understand operation requirements such as temperatures for use and this information can be obtained from the user manual provided by the manufacturer.


  • Beware of the wattages- The wattage of each unit may determine whether you may or may not use the two at the same time. Being aware of each unit’s specific wattage is essential. The actual wattages drawn depend on the amount of heat being generated. If a unit’s wattage is too high and the load can’t be handled, it may cause the circuit breakers to trip and evidently, you cannot use the two at once. However, if the wattage for each unit is very high, it can be advantageous to run them at the same time than separately but even so, the saved energy won’t be much.


  • Adjusting the dials- You quickly turn the dials to low, moderate, or high heat levels, but the specific place where these dials stop, may vary slightly every time and you need to be careful.


  • Different fuel use- If your stove and oven are fueled by different sources, it is okay to use them simultaneously. For example, a gas-powered stove and an electricity- powered oven.


When Not To Run The Stove And Oven Simultaneously

Some situations will not allow you to use these units concurrently. For example, if your units are run by a gas supply whose line is prone to malfunction, or is at times shaky, do not run them at once. Before you can cook with both, make sure to have been guided by a technician who has already examined the malfunction. It is just sensible to not operate them on the same gas supply as this can lead to a power surge and blowing up.


If you are not very good when it comes to multitasking, then you may need to use a unit at a time. Switching your attention can prove to be a very overwhelming task. You must avoid issues of overcooking and leaving a unit idle. Remember, each time a unit sits idle with the power on, the energy bill still goes up. If you cannot multitask, use each unit at a time to avoid wastage.


If you have tried using both units simultaneously and you have observed anything strange like popping sounds, just don’t proceed as it can be risky.


Safety Precautions

Cooking using an appliance that has an oven and stove in one will require one to follow several safety precautions:

The Process

  • The process should not be left unattended and children will need to be kept away. In case you have children, you can install safety devices such as stove knob stops, stove safety guards, and stove locking straps. Ensure to use oven mitts or oven gloves when handling hot pots and pans. Keep them away from the stove top as well because what is left on top of the stove or burner may cause fire. Even with an automatic shut off feature cooking should be left unattended.

Safety Concern

  1. Do a safety check. Before use, make sure to determine that there is no gas leak that can be smelt. If so, open the windows first and leave the room. Ensure that the oven does not have anything stored in it before you start using it. You will need to ensure that the stove top has no residue or food particles as these may ignite to cause fire. Before you can preheat the oven, have the racks in place to avoid scalding. Close the oven door once you remove or test food.
  2. As you use the stove top, do not leave the burner on without a pan or pot on it. Use the adequate pot or pan size on the stove; do not use one too small or too big for the burner. It is necessary that you do not leave empty pots and pans on the burner. The handles of your pot or pan should be turned inwards. This is because if they are turned outwards, they can be pulled and knocked over.
  3. As for body safety, long hair should be tied back, sleeves rolled up, and loose jewelry should not be worn. Ensure to put on non-slip shoes to avoid tripping and falling.
  4. Have a fire extinguisher in place in case of fire.
  5. It is important that you register your appliance either online or as guided by the provided card. This will allow for the appliance’s manufacturer to reach you in case of potential dangers and regarding recalls.



At some point in life, due to an unavoidable reason or circumstance, you may have or may need to fasten the cooking process. This is where the consideration of using the stove and oven simultaneously comes about. It is doable. However, you need to bear in mind the important factors highlighted above.

These factors will determine if you can or cannot use the units together. Simultaneous use of the oven and stove can save you some money and time, but it can also be very costly in the long run, therefore, the right approach must be used.


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