Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews

​Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews in 2022[Read Before You Buy]

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or you have just built a new home, chances are you will need a good gas cooktop for your everyday cooking activities. You do have a bunch of cheap options, but a quality unit will most likely give you the best value for money. Based on a plethora of Empava gas cooktop reviews, the manufacturer is among the leading names out there. It has gained reputation due to its durability, high quality standards and innovative bells and whistles.


Choosing the best Empava gas cooktop could be a bit tricky though. There are lots of options out there and just like you have probably guessed already, what works for some people will not work for everyone else. Make sure you know what you need and consider how often you cook before making a decision. As for the best options out there, a little homework will lead you in the right direction. So, what do you need to know?

Comparison Table Of Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews

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Empava 36GC224.0$$ Check Latest Price
Empava 30GC264.0$$ Check Latest Price
Empava 30GC0A54.1$ Check Latest Price
Empava EMPV-34GC5L90A4.1$$ Check Latest Price


Best 5 Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews

Here are the top rated options on the market based on customers’ experiences and needs.


Empava EMPV-30GC5B70C
Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews

  • Easy to maintain and keep clean – some parts are dishwasher safe
  • Durable materials and high quality build
  • Different levels of power for each burner
  • Sealed burners to prevent food from falling through
  • Takes a few seconds to turn on, which is a few seconds longer than other cooktops in this range

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Design and size 

The cooktop comes with five different burners. They are all sealed, so food is less likely to fall through – great for maintenance. You get a dual ring 12,000 BTU burner, a double 6,500 BTU burner, a 4,000 BTU burner and a 10,000 BTU burner. The cooktop measures 29.9x20x4.5 inches.


Build and safety

The surface is made of stainless steel. It is treated to resist discoloration caused by heat, not to mention stains. It is easy to clean as well. In terms of safety and security, the cooktop comes with a flame failure automatic shutdown function, which prevents gas leaks and accidents.


Controls and package

Each burner has its own knob. There are no other controls, so operation is a breeze. Controls and the cast iron grates can be cleaned in the dishwasher. In terms of installation, the unit is LPG or NG convertible. Nozzles are included in the package. The power will not be affected if you do the conversion.


Empava 36GC22
Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews

  • Variable power burners for different types of cooking
  • Some parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Easy and straightforward controls
  • Impressive flame detection feature for safety
  • Requires holding the knob down for a few seconds before the flame stays lit

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Convenience and sizing

Based on numerous Empava gas cooktop reviews, the 36GC22 model is LPG or NG convertible. You have everything you need in the package. The BTU power will not change though. You can then install it anywhere – outdoor kitchens, recreational vehicles and so on. It measures 36×20.6×2.1 inches, so it is quite compact for a five burner unit.


Safety standards and controls

Just like other Empava gas cooktops for sale, this one comes with a flame detection technology. Practically, it will detect whether or not there is a flame. If it is not, it will turn off by itself, preventing leaks and accidents. As for controls, there are five knobs – one for each burner. The operation is straightforward and intuitive.


Burners and maintenance

There are five burners ranging between 4,000 and 12,000 BTUs, so you can adopt any cooking style. This cooktop will handle it. Maintenance is easy because burners are sealed, so food cannot fall through. The cast iron grates and the knobs can be washed in the dishwasher, while the stainless steel surface prevents stains and discoloration.


Empava 30GC26
Empava Gas Cooktop Reviews

  • Excellent safety function to shut the unit down automatically if there is no flame
  • Comes with a full package, including a classic LPG conversion kit
  • Sealed burners to prevent dirt and food from falling in
  • Stainless steel surface to prevent heat discoloration and stains
  • Stainless steel could scratch if you do not look after it

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Design and size

Empava’s 30GC26 is one of the most reputable units out there if you count the Empava gas cooktop reviews. It features a dark appearance, which makes it stand out in the crowd in a world where white dominates in the kitchen. this product measures at 29.9x20x2.4 inches, but you can get it in other sizes too. It comes with a pre-installed 100V power cord.


Build and maintenance

There is nothing to be concerned about in terms of durability. This cooktop is based on metallic components like stainless steel for the surface and cast iron for the grates. Knobs are also metallic. The knobs and grate can be thrown in the dishwasher, while the stainless steel prevents stains and discoloration. The five burners are sealed to prevent dirt and food from going in.


Package and safety

The package has everything you could ask for. A natural gas regulator is also included, not to mention LPG nozzles. The whole conversion kit is included should you decide to go for it. As for safety, the cooktop can detect flames. If there is no flame, it will shutdown by itself to prevent gas leaks. It is an excellent safety feature that more expensive cooktops lack.


Empava 30GC0A5

  • Materials that can resist for years without wearing out
  • Compact and easy to move into an outdoor kitchen or a recreational vehicle
  • High safety and security standards
  • Super simple to keep clean – some parts can go in the dishwasher
  • The ignition sequence can be frustrating, as it takes a few good seconds for the sensor to warm up

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Burners and package

You could never go wrong with an Empava cooktop. This unit has five different burners. The smallest one will provide 4,000 BTUs, while the largest one brings in 12,000 BTUs. A classic 110V power cord is pre-installed. The natural gas regulator is in the package too, not to mention LPG nozzles for a conversion. You can take this cooktop to your outdoor kitchen or your recreational vehicle with no problems whatsoever.


Safety and maintenance

The sealed burners do not allow anything inside. There will be no food crumbles or dirt going inside, so maintenance is fairly simple. Even better – the knobs and grates can go into the dishwasher, while the stainless steel surface is super easy to clean. In terms of safety, the cooktop will detect flames. It will turn off by itself if no flame is detected.


Durable materials and size 

The surface is based on stainless steel. Knobs are metallic – no plastic in their composition. Grates are made of cast iron, so you can count on these parts for years without worrying. Stainless steel is also resistant to stains and heat discoloration. As for the overall size, the cooktop measures 30x20x2.1 inches.


Empava EMPV-34GC5L90A

  • Fancy and modern appearance
  • Turns off by itself if no flame is detected
  • Metallic materials for great durability
  • Some parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • The adjustment can be a bit touchy and difficult to work on

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Looks and package

There are more Empava gas cooktop reviews for this unit than for others because it looks different. It has a dark appearance that can make it stand out in the crowd. It is available in a few more sizes – the 34 inch one is more common for being more compact. No matter which size you pick, you will get a full package with a detailed manual of instructions, a pre-installed 100V power cord, a natural gas regulator and LPG nozzles for a conversion.


Size and durability

The cooktop measures 33.8x20x4.3 inches. It features five burners, but it is still compact and can go into recreational vehicles, regular kitchens and even outdoor kitchens. It weighs 36 pounds. In terms of durability, there is nothing to be concerned about. Most components are metallic – the knobs, the surface and the grates. Simply put, this is the type of cooktop that will easily face the test of time.


Burners and cleaning

There are five burners. The one in the middle is the largest – 12,000 BTUs. The other burners range between 4,000 and 10,000 BTUs. Each burner comes with its own knob. Knobs are metallic and can be taken off for cleaning. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher, along with the grates. You will love the stainless steel surface, which resists discoloration overtime.


What To Look In The Best Empava Gas Cooktop

Just like anything else in life, a cooktop requires a bit of attention. There are lots of options out there and even more Empava gas cooktop reviews, but you need to match the specifications to your personal necessities. So, what do you need to look for before making a decision?


Sizing standards

The size is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. A bigger size will give you a bigger power, as you will probably have more or larger burners. The smallest cooktops out there could be anywhere around 15 inches and barely have a couple of burners – not bad for a single individual or perhaps a couple.


The largest cooktops can go up to and over 60 inches in size. As a general rule of thumb, make sure you measure the available space in your kitchen. You could do with a cooktop that is too small for your kitchen, but buying a bigger one would be a challenge. Take your time and measure everything before making a commitment.


Gas burners

A classic 30 inch cooktop could give you four burners. Empava has done a pretty good job of mixing up to five burners for the same size. This is more than enough for basic meals and even more sophisticated meals. Generally speaking, the more burners you have, the easier it becomes to cook large amounts of food.


Think about the type of dishes you like preparing. If you use the wok a lot, you should know that some cooktops come with specific wok burners – the same rule applies to teppanyaki plates or fish burners. Other than that, it is common sense that a wider cooktop will accommodate larger pans and pots. It is all about your personal needs though.



A cooktop is generally small and easy to move around. Some of them barely weigh 15 pounds, while others can be two times heavier. At this point, it depends on what you need the cooktop for. If you plan to move it to your outdoor kitchen in the summertime, you could do it with a portable unit. The same rule applies if you want to take it on your holidays in the recreational vehicle.


Based on numerous Empava gas cooktop reviews, most of these models are portable. You will get about 30 inches or more in size for about 30 pounds in weight, which is a good rapport considering the high quality materials.



Trivets tend to go in two directions. Enamel trivets are alright. They will last if properly looked after. Cast iron trivets are clearly more durable. They are, indeed, more expensive, but they are also way sturdier. Overall, you get better value for money.


Plus, cast iron trivets also give you a more dynamic appearance in the kitchen.



Generally speaking, try to get as much metal as possible, rather than plastic. Most Empava gas cooktops for sale come with cast iron grates, stainless steel surfaces and metallic knobs. You know for a fact that such a design will last for ages, without cracking or corroding too easily.



You will not really use your cooktop if the cleaning procedure frustrates you. If you have to spend an hour to cook and another half an hour to clean the cooktop, you will soon start getting takeaway. Empava has implemented a nice feature to prevent crumbs and food from falling through – burners are sealed. Plus, the stainless steel surface is a breeze to clean.


Safety and security

A few safety features could help in the long run – they could prevent tragedies. A modern innovation used in quality cooktops today involves the automatic shutoff function if there is no flame detected. In other words, this feature could prevent gas leaks.


Other than that, a child lock function could also help.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is perfectly normal to have a few questions if you are not too familiar with cooktops. No matter how many Empava gas cooktop reviews you go through, there will always be a few question marks.


Can I install a gas cooktop myself?

Yes, if you are the DIY type. You will need to have some basic knowledge on connections and lines. If you are not 100% sure about it, it might be better to call a professional. At the end of the day, you do not want a faulty installation that could cause gas leaks and tragedies – better to be safe than sorry.


Is gas better for the environment than electric?

Normally, electric cooktops are better. However, they are less efficient. If you get an efficient gas cooktop, you will get the job done much faster, meaning it becomes better for the environment than an electric alternative.


Are gas cooktops dangerous?

Anything that involves gas could be dangerous. The overall idea is to prevent gas from building up. If proper safety measures are taken, gas cooktops are perfectly safe.


Are gas cooktops standard size?

No, they are not. However, you will notice some standards as you do your homework. More and more manufacturers stick to the same sizes. When it comes to Empava, most gas cooktops are 30 or 34 inches in width, yet other options are also available.



As a short final conclusion, there are plenty of Empava gas cooktop reviews out there. It is, indeed, helpful to learn from others’ past experiences. But on the same note, it can be confusing. There are lots of options, so choosing the right one can be a bit challenging. Once you thought you found the perfect cooktop, you read another review and you change your mind again.


The key is to go with whatever works for you. Do you live by yourself? Do you have a family? How big is it? How often do you cook? Do you cook for the day or for three or four days? Answer these questions and you will be able to make a more informed decision.


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