​Empava Induction Cooktop Reviews

Empava Induction Cooktop Reviews [Buying Guide 2022]

Empava has managed to build a good reputation in the induction cooktop industry. Not only does it have some of the most reliable cooktops out there, but it also invests quality and time into their durability and value for money. However, with so many options out there, choosing the right one can be a bit tricky – this is when a few Empava induction cooktop reviews kick in.


A bit of research will work a very long way. Make sure you assess your necessities right and make a decision with your personal needs in mind. Here are some of the best rated Empava induction cooktops for sale, as well as a detailed guide on what to look for when about to buy one. So, what do you need to know?

Our picks – Best 5 Empava Induction Cooktop Reviews

These are the best options on the market based on Empava induction cooktop reviews. As long as they match your necessities, there is no way to go wrong.


Empava IDCX36 Electric Stove Induction Cooktop
​Empava Induction Cooktop Reviews

  • Safety features, including a child control lock feature
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain for years
  • Durable materials for many years of use
  • Five heating elements with different power levels
  • There is no quick off button for just one burner, so you have to hold the button down for each burner as it slowly counts down

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Controls and safety

There are nine different heat level settings, meaning you can stir fry, stew, boil and so on with just one touch. In terms of safety, you will see an H on the cooking area to know that the respective element is hot. You also have a 99 minute timer, meaning the cooktop will turn off by itself once your food is done.


Heating elements

There are five different heating elements, so you can cook multiple dishes at once based on the size of your cookware. The biggest element measures 11 inches in diameter – 3,700 watts. You have two 7.5 inch heating elements too – 2,400 watts, as well as two 6.5 inch elements – 2,000 watts.


Maintenance and extras

Maintenance is fairly simple because you have smooth tempered glass. It is durable and can be cleaned with a clean cloth only – just make sure you do it as soon as you are done cooking. In terms of extras, there is a child control lock feature. Plus, the cooktop will turn off by itself if there is no cookware on it.


Empava 12XGC010 Electric Induction Cooktop Stove
​Empava Induction Cooktop Reviews

  • Automatic shutdown function under more circumstances
  • Multiple temperature settings and controls
  • Compact and easy to move around
  • Touch controls and easy maintenance
  • Manual of instructions is poor in details

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Durable and easy to clean

Based on numerous Empava induction cooktop reviews, this is one of your best options if you want portability and durability. It features smooth tempered glass, which will take years of stress, wear, tear and heat without breaking up. As for the maintenance, you only need a clean cloth. Just make sure you do not allow the food to harden on the surface.


Settings and controls

You have nine different temperature settings ranging between 120 and 460 degrees F. You also have eight power levels on the left burner (up to 1,800 watts) and six power levels on the right burner (up to 1,300 watts). Going through settings is a matter of seconds – just touch to reach the optimal level, regardless of your cooking style.


Extras and safety

There is a timer mode up to 179 minutes, so you can cook precisely without keeping an eye on the food. When done, the unit will turn off by itself. Other than that, the cooktop will turn off by itself if it cannot detect any cookware. It comes with an H indicator if the cooking area is hot, not to mention the child lock feature.


Empava EMPV-IDC30 Induction Cooktop
​Empava Induction Cooktop Reviews

  • Four different burners with different standards
  • Nine heat level settings for perfectly cooked food
  • Multiple safety features, including an automatic shutdown function and a child lock feature
  • Compact size and portability
  • No metallic trim pieces to protect the glass

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Sizing and portability

This cooktop measures 30x21x2.12 inches. It requires 220~240 volt wiring, as well as a 40 amp breaker. There is nothing to purchase separately, as everything is included in the package – including the hard wiring. The unit is lightweight and can be moved around, so you can also take it on your camping trip.


Safety standards and extras

Just because you cannot see the flame, it does not mean that you are at risk. The unit features an H display when the cooktop is hot. If there is no pan or pot on the cooktop, the burner will shut off automatically. Other than that, there is a child control locking feature, only for your peace of mind that your little one will not accidentally turn it on.


Convenience and maintenance

There are four burners – 10 inches and 2,700 watts, eight inches and 2,500 watts, seven inches and 2,000 watts and six inches and 1,800 watts. You have a 99 minute timer to ensure you do not have to look after your food either. Plus, there are nine heat levels. In terms of cleaning, a clean cloth will keep the smooth glass clear.


Empava IDCF9 Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

  • Features simultaneous uses of multiple burners at once for oversized cookware
  • Built in timer to 99 minutes and child lock feature
  • Will shutoff automatically after the timer runs off or if it cannot detect any cookware
  • Durable glass that will withstand stress and heat with no risks of chipping or cracking
  • Manual of instructions is poorly explained, which can be challenging for someone who has never used an induction cooktop

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Controls and sizing

Based on numerous Empava induction cooktop reviews, this unit is extremely simple to operate. Controls are located in the lower part of the unit. Everything runs through touch controls. You will see an H whenever the burner is running, so you know precisely when to start cooking. In terms of sizing, the unit measures 36x21x2.12 inches, so it is portable.


Burners and settings

You have an 11 inch burner to 13,000 BTUs, two eight inch burners to 9,000 BTUs and two seven inch burners to 7,000 BTUs. Can control two heating elements at the same time, which helps if you have large cookware or griddles. You will get to 11,000 BTUs in the boost mode. Even if you forget about it, the automatic shutdown feature will look after you.


Safety and extras

There is nothing to worry about in terms of safety. All Empava cooktops come with an H indicator for heat, as well as a child safety lock. The surface is based on vitro ceramic glass, which can take lots of heat and stress without cracking. Cleaning it is fairly simple, a bit of soapy water and clean cloth will get the job done. Just make sure you do not allow the food to dry.

Empava IDCX12 Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical

  • Automatic shutdown when the timer is done or there is no cookware detected
  • Smooth tempered glass for durability and easy maintenance
  • Various features for safety and security
  • Two large induction areas on a small cooktop that is compact and portableunts down
  • Turning a burner off is time consuming, as you need to hold the button down as it slowly co

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Sizing and portability

Empava’s induction cooktop is one of the most portable units from this manufacturer. It measures 13.4×20.5×2.12 inches. You can move it outside for a barbecue, take it to your recreational vehicle or your holiday home – simple as that. It requires 20 amps to run. Simply pack it well to avoid chipping the glass and you are ready to go.


Burners and efficiency

Just because it is extremely portable, it does not mean that it is small or useless. In fact, it comes with two different burners. They are vertically positioned and they feature controls at the bottom of the cooktop. You have nine different power levels ranging from 100 to 1,800 watts, meaning you will have no problems frying, stewing, boiling and so on.


Safety and maintenance

An H indicator will tell you when the cooktop is good to go. This is a common feature in all Empava products. Other than that, you have a 99 minute timer that will turn the unit off when done. The cooktop will also shutdown automatically if no pans or pots are detected on induction areas. Furthermore, there is a child control lock function. Maintenance is simple – a clean cloth and water.


Buying Guide Of Our Empava Cooktop Reviews

There are lots of Empava induction cooktop reviews out there and each of them describes the cooktop to be perfect. So, which one do you buy then? The truth is what works for some people will not work for everyone else, so there are a few things to pay attention to.


Sizing standards

The size is probably the most important consideration in the process. If you are good at multitasking or you have a large family, it might help getting at least a couple of burners. Induction cooktops from Empava usually come with one to five induction areas. Small units are inexpensive, suitable for single individuals and couples. Larger ones are better for large families – otherwise, you are just wasting money.


It pays off getting an induction cooktop with a big body. It may not be that portable, but it features an efficient air circulation on the inside, so it will last for longer. Also, keep in mind that too many induction areas one next to another will get cramped when they are all covered with pans and pots. Things could get messy pretty quickly.


Cooking areas

A large cooking area might be handy if you deal with large cookware. If you only have small pots and pans, it would be a waste of space. The good news is you will get clear instructions for the optimal size of the cookware, regardless of what Empava induction cooktop you are interested in, so you just need to measure what you have.


A bit of extra size will not hurt, as chances are you might need to update pots and pans at some point in the future. Extra size helps with the flexibility. On the other hand, you can also find induction cooktops with a few different burner sizes, which adds to the flexibility. Consider your needs and your family’s needs as well.


Temperature settings

The more flexibility you have, the better. At the same time, you need an induction cooktop that starts at a low temperature by default. Generally speaking, you should be able to handle most dishes between 140 and 340 degrees F.


Some units come with a high maximum power that will go up to 2,100 watts. Some others can barely make it to 1,700 watts. The difference is not that big and you could barely notice it. Plus, a lower power level will keep your bills under control.


Controls and operation

You want a convenient control panel that will not give you too much headache. All Empava induction cooktops come with touch controls. They are usually one next to another in one area, rather than by each cooking area.


Touch controls might be a bit more expensive than press buttons, but they are less likely to break, so they make a better investment for the future. Other than that, Empava cooktops come with a decent distance between controls and cooktops, which is certainly a plus.


Style and design

In terms of style and design, it is totally up to you. Framed designs may provide a bit of protection, but grime and dirt can build up in the crevices. Empava cooktops do not carry any of these frames. There are no edges. An edgeless design could break if you drop something heavy on the side, so be careful with the maintenance. On the same note, edgeless styles allow easy cleaning.


Extras, bells and whistles

A timer would be handy, as the cooktop will turn off by itself when the food is done. According to plenty of Empava induction cooktop reviews, this is one of the best features to have and all units come with this function.


Automatic pan detection is also handy to have. If there is nothing detected on the cooking area, the cooktop will shut down automatically – another great feature from Empava.


Other good features to have include:


  • Preset cooking menus
  • Voltage display
  • Electrical consumption display
  • Safety sensors
  • Child lock feature
  • Booster feature
  • LED flames



Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to induction cooking or Empava induction cooktops, you will inevitably have a few questions before making a commitment.


Are induction cooktops hot to the touch?

No, if they use electromagnetism, there is no cookware on the cooking area and no heat is produced. Empava induction cooktops for sale will display an H when the cooking area is ready, so you will know precisely whether or not it is safe.


Can induction cooktops cause fire?

No, they cannot. They do not use any open flames, so they are totally safe. It is worth noting that unattended oils could catch fire, so you must be careful what you cook.


Are induction cooktops noisy?

No, they are not, especially when compared to classic cooktops. However, you might hear a bit of noise, such as humming. The noise is given by the cooling fans. You could also hear a clicking sound when electrical switches are engaged.


How do you look after an induction cooktop?

There is not much to do. Make sure you clean food as it spills, only to prevent it from drying. Other than that, a clean cloth and some lukewarm water will get the job done. A bit of soap could help if the food is hardened.

Some are worried about their induction cooktop being scratch easily, that depends on how you use it. Also, there are DIY methods where you can learn how to remove the scratch easily.


How can I tell if my cookware is good for an induction cooktop?

There is an easy way to tell if you are not sure. Get a magnet and use it on your cookware. If the magnet sticks to your pots and pans, they are good to go. Cast iron and magnetic stainless steel are the most common materials for induction cooking. Fully clad cookware is just as efficient.


Conclusion of Our Empava Cooktop Reviews

As a short final conclusion, there are lots of Empava induction cooktop reviews out there. The brand has an impressive reputation and customers are happy with it. Make sure you get the right cooktop for your personal needs and there should be nothing to be concerned about in terms of quality, durability or handy features.


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