gas fireplace goes out after an hour

Gas Fireplace Goes Out After An Hour? Here’s Why!

Gas fireplaces are meant to last for ages – even decades. However, if they do break down or they start acting funny, you expect the worst. They are expensive, and the hassle of replacing one can ruin your home for weeks. The good news is many issues do not necessarily need replacement or comprehensive repairs. So, your gas fireplace goes out after an hour. At a first glance, it looks like it is about to die. This is not really the case. In fact, many issues are actually related to the pilot light. If your fireplace tends to go out within half an hour to an hour, you will find the problem associated with the pilot. Moreover, chances are you could fix the issue yourself.

So, What Causes Gas Fireplace Goes out After An hour?

Before we dive into that, let’s find out how it works.


How The Pilot Light Works In Your Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace Goes out After An hour

You should keep the pilot light on for a few more seconds when you start the fire. Once you turn the dial from the pilot light to the actual gas position, the fire should start straight away. With time, the pilot light may take more than just a second to start a fire – simply keep it on for a few more seconds, and the fire should go.


As the pilot light is lit, look for two different flames. One of them will be over the burner, while the other one will be smaller – it should be in contact with the thermocouple. Every now and then, you might see a so called lazy flame, and this is what may cause the fireplace to go out. Basically, if it does not touch the thermocouple, the temperature will drop and the gas will be automatically turned off.


How do you identify a lazy flame then? Pay close attention to what it looks like. It is fairly simple – the pilot light must be clear blue in the middle, as well as slightly darker on the edges. It should hit the tip of the thermocouple. If it looks yellow or it does not touch the thermocouple, that is when problems arise. Now, how do you solve this issue? Here are a few quick solutions.


What You Need To Do When Gas Fireplace Shuts Off After 30 Minutes

Gas Fireplace Goes out After An hour There are a few things you can do if the gas fireplace shuts off after 30 minutes, and they mostly imply maintaining or cleaning the fireplace – or better said, specific parts of it. Take a look at the pilot supply pipe and the pilot burner. You should see a connector. It has a tiny hole on the side. If there is dust or dirt in there, the gas fireplace goes out after an hour or even less than that, so clean it.


You should also analyze the pilot light hole and give it a good clean. The area is hard to access, so it might look like you need a professional – not really. Instead, get a long and thin straw and get it over the hole. Blow through the straw and the dust will fly away. However, you might need an expert if there is too much stubborn dirt in there and it got stuck.


What Causes The Gas Fireplace To Go Out So Quickly

There are a few things that can cause the fireplace to go out within half an hour to an hour and again, most of them are related to the maintenance. You need to ensure there is no dirt in there. Obviously, preventing this problem is better than actually solving it, but then, there are a few things you need to keep in mind too.


When did you service the fireplace?

Maintenance is critical for pretty much everything and gas fireplaces make no exception either. So, when was the last time you get the fireplace serviced? Most people know that fireplaces will last for years with little to no maintenance, so they overlook this aspect. If the service is overdue, you better do it quickly and stick to it.


Most experts recommend servicing the gas fireplace once a year. Usually, you should do it before the cold season kicks in. Since you are less likely to use it for over half a year throughout spring and summer, dust will inevitably accumulate and can affect the pilot light. Getting it serviced will keep it running smoothly and can prevent unnecessary expenses.


Do you have any pets?

If you do have pets, they could be the cause behind the malfunctioning fireplace. Pet hairs will get everywhere and the fireplace makes no exception. Just like dust, they can get into tight areas around the pilot light and cover the holes. Use the straw or perhaps a powerful vacuum cleaner to eliminate all the pet hair from the area.


Did you get a new carpet?

A new carpet can be just as harmful for the fireplace. If you have ever had new carpets fitted, you probably know already that fluff will stick around for days. You keep vacuuming and you can still find fluff days later. Small pieces of fluff can reach into the fireplace and affect the pilot light – use the straw method to sort the issue out.


Are the coals in the right position?

The coals may also be touching the pilot light assembly, meaning the gas fireplace shuts off after 30 minutes or even less. A bit of soot may also be blocking the pilot light. Move the coals a bit further. If you can see any soot around it, simply use a vacuum cleaner to get everything out. At this point, the pilot light should work properly and your fireplace should no longer go out.




Bottom line, this is a common issue out there. If the gas fireplace goes out after an hour, chances are you will find an issue with the pilot light. Luckily, there are easy ways to overcome this problem and they are mostly related to a bit of cleaning. At the same time, preventing such problems is just as easy with yearly servicing and a little maintenance.


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