How To Install A Wall Oven In A Base Cabinet [Simplified Method]

Lately, people prefer their oven mounted on the wall for various reasons, including saving on counter space. Additionally, wall ovens appear stylish compared to freestanding ones. However, mounting the oven by themselves is a challenge for some. In this article, we are going to show you how to install a wall oven in a base cabinet. Note that you can install the oven according to your preferred style or design but the process is the same. Also, the installation process should be as simple and cheap as possible. However, that does not mean it is done carelessly because the consequences may not be pleasing.

So, How To Install A Wall Oven In A Base Cabinet?

Here are the steps you need to know for installing a wall oven in a base cabinet.

Step 1: Safety First

how to install a wall oven in a base cabinet

Before you start the mounting process, ensure you’re protected from a possible electric shock. Simple turn off the switch or main source. Also, clear the area of any objects and furniture that may cause you to trip over.

Step 2: Take the Measurements

how to install a wall oven in a base cabinetIt will be unwise to start the drilling before knowing the exact measurements of the oven. Use a measuring tape to measure both the length and width of the oven to know the exact position it will sit on the wall. Also, measure the wall drawer to make sure the oven sits just right. These measurements will guide you appropriately when it comes to the actual drilling. Next, measure inside the cabinet and compare with those taken from the oven. Ensure the oven will fit perfectly, otherwise, you have to adjust the drawer.

Step 3: Drill the Wall

If you’re installing a wall oven for the first time, start by cleaning the wall where the oven is to be mounted. Once done, proceed to drill it slowly until you reach the desired depth. However, if you have an existing oven, unscrew it from the wall and clear the holes of any material. Replace it with the new drawer and tighten the screws.

Step 4: Place the Oven in the Cabinet

Placing the oven in the cabinet might seem easy but you must practice some caution. First, the oven could be heavier than you think and you might drop and damage it. First, ensure it’s not very far from the cabinet before lifting. Once it’s lifted, rest it gently on the drawer, and don’t release it until it’s stable. You can always ask for help if you can’t lift it comfortably on your own.

Step 5: Connect to Power

Assuming the power is still off, proceed to plug the oven’s power cable into the socket.  Power connection is one of the most critical steps in wall oven mounting. why? If anything goes wrong with the power, the oven might be subjected to some serious damage. A power surge resulting from faulty circuit breakers is one main challenge here. Only turn the power on if you’re sure about its stability.

Step 6: Check Functionality

Now that your oven is installed and looking all beautiful, it’s time to do some testing. Before you cook anything, confirm that the power intake is smooth and that the burners are receiving power as required. Also, confirm the knobs are working properly. Turn the power off immediately if you notice anomalies either with the power supply or cooking itself.

Caution: Apart from the electricity threat, some other things might pose risks during mounting. For instance, gas leakage can be as dangerous as pouring gasoline on the fire. Ensure the oven is airtight and that no gas is leaking. Secondly, the oven’s stability is paramount. Get it down immediately if you notice that the weight is too much for the cabinet.

What to Consider Before Mounting

There are several factors you need to consider before mounting your oven on the wall. People often ignore these simple things, not knowing that the success of the process depends on them. Here are things to consider before the actual mounting.

Type of Oven

You can mount different types and styles of the oven differently. Your preference is of little importance here because you can’t force a certain mounting design if the oven’s design says otherwise. While most ovens are single-wall, there are built-in ones and the mounting of the two is very different. Similarly, you can’t mount double-wall ovens the same way as triple-wall or single-wall ovens.

Power Source

If the oven you want to install uses electric power, then it must be mounted next to a power socket. You’re advised not to use a power extension to supply power because of the obvious reasons. The extension does not only hinder movement, but it can also blow off when too much power is drawn from it.

Side Opening Door

The door should have the freedom to open and close. That means the oven should be mounted away from any objects that might prevent the door from opening fully. Preferably, position the oven at the center where there is enough space for opening.


If you’re installing a wall oven by yourself, ensure you have all the tools to do the job. These include:


-Stepping stool

-Strong tape

-Tape measure

-Drill bit

-Wrench (adjustable)

You can always improvise if you don’t have wall oven mounting tools at your disposal. For instance, use a dynamic drill in place of a drill bit if you can’t find the former.

A Short video:


How to install a wall oven in a base cabinet is easy but only if you do it carefully and properly. Ensuring safety for yourself and the item is the first step towards a successful installation. Wall ovens are becoming popular, thanks to unique styles and designs. If you’re thinking about buying or already have one, don’t scratch your head too hard about the installation. All you have to do is to follow the procedure above and you’re good to go. But you can always ask for help if you’re sure not to do a good job.


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