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iCook Cookware Review In 2022 – Read Before You Buy

iCook Cookware cautiously and mindfully planned and designed a cookware system structure that includes advanced technology as well as thoughtful designs that supply you with all the things you will need to create a tastier and better meal. Cooking is an everyday task which we need for our survival so having the best cookware is very important for everyone; therefore, the best choice you will find for is the iCook.


Technological advancement in all types of industries like the cookware industry and the special features has been incorporated in the cookware which makes this cookware more special and distinct from its competition. It cooks food swiftly even on a low-to-medium flame and saves time as well as energy. It is said that a good meal begins with great cookware so it is an ideal choice for every person out there.

ICook Cookware Review


iCook Sauté Pan 5-Piece Set

icook cookware

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  • Retain more nutrients and minerals than other cookware
  • Uses less water
  • Double coating
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Lids are built of tempered glass
  • Taste and smell of the food cooked in the iCook cookware are not retained or absorbed
  • Handles are heat-resistant and can withstand a temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • If no bonded conductors are present, then the heat distribution is poor
  • Regular washing of frypans using the dishwasher makes the handles of the frypans dull
  • May have hot spots
  • Heavy

The 5-piece iCook-cookware stainless steel set of sauté pans is the best for reheating, simmering, and braising. The set includes 2 sauté pans with a cover and 3 sauté pans with a junior dome cover. The iCook sauté pans are recognized for their years of excellent cooking experience because of their superior quality materials, accurate manufacturing, and packaging, and innovative and attentive as well as considerate sketching and planning of all the features present in this cookware.


These special technologies and features make cooking more exciting as well as healthier. It also makes the cleanup easier afterward.

Heat Distribution

For even distribution of heat, there is a multi-ply construction of a carbon-made steel core. The cooking base upgrades and refines the distribution of the heat by 92 percent and it also works with all kinds of cooktops. The Vitalok cooking method captures more nutrients (around one-third) and expels any unnecessary fat or water.


The handle of this product is ergonomically planned in such a way that it makes the lids as well as pans easy to use and grip. The nonstick duramic coating is also present on the frying pans. This cookware has a premium range of iCook pans, pots as well as accessories which will give you immense joy and satisfaction and help you make efficient, healthy, and nutritious meals.


After much research, we found that the pros definitely overpower the cons. This cookware is definitely worth the money.


Buying guide for iCook cookware

Some of the most prominent features that make it special and the best brand to purchase quality cookware are:

Ergonomically designed

These products have a first-class and classy design and have ergonomically designed knobs and handles which gives you an excellent cooking experience for your whole lifetime. These specially designed knobs and handles are made by the best worldwide handheld product company. These handles are heat resistant to 204 degrees Celsius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


Duramic coating

The nonstick duramic layers on every iCook cookware fry pan help you to stay fit and fry in a healthy manner without using butter or oil. This also makes the cleaning of such cookware easy and swift. This coating is very tough, durable, and nonstick as well. The chances of it getting a scratch are next to zero. You can also use metal spatulas, spoons, plastic, rubber, nylon, as well as wooden utensils without worrying about safety. The unique technology locks the coating on the pan permanently. It is also dishwasher-friendly, so you can opt to not wash the pan with your own hands.


Helps to stack cook

The more advanced and better distribution of heat and conductivity on the cooking base helps you stack your cooking the whole meal using only one burner. Cooking this way helps you to easily and conveniently cook while saving space as well. For reheating, melting, and keeping food warm, there is no requirement of moisture sealing.


Vitalok method of cooking

This method of cooking helps you in retaining approximately one-third more flavor and nutrients and also keeps the color of your food bright, delectable, and fresh looking.


This cookware is a great value for your money. The products include all of the latest and advanced features that cookware can have. Not only this, but you also receive the technology and quality that you pay for.



icook cookware review

Is there any warranty? if yes, then for what period?

iCook provides a lifetime warranty on its stainless pieces like the lids, mixing bowls, and inserts. There is a limited warranty of five years on the nonstick frypans as well as tempered glass covers.


What is the return policy?

You can return the product within four months of the purchase date. The price of the product you paid for including taxes will be refunded to you.

How do I create the moisture seal by Vitalok?

To create the moisture seal by Vitalok, put the washed vegetables in a pan, and then cover them. Put this on a medium flame for around 3 to 5 minutes. As soon as the lid begins fluttering, it would suggest that the steam is breaking out of the lid. Do not lift the lid but only spin it. If the lid starts spinning freely, it would mean that the moisture seal is established.


After this, minimize the heat to low. After the ideal temperature for cooking is established, steam will stop forming out of the cookware. Prevent and resist lifting the lid, again and again, to check the food because that will help save you cooking time as well as keep the food’s flavor, texture, nutrients, and natural color intact.


How do I stack cook using the iCook frypans?

For this, place the food items with greater volume and heavier weight, such as stews or roasts, that take a long time to cook in the pan which is larger in size. Preheat this pan if you are cooking meat. Place the dome lid on the larger pan on a medium flame.


After this, minimize heat to low. Put the lid on the smaller pan and heat it on a medium flame until that seal starts forming on the pan. After this, put the large covered pan below the small pan. Moisture seal is not necessary for small pans when you are reheating, keeping the food warm, or melting.


Can I wash the iCook Pans in the dishwasher?

You can wash the pans in the dishwasher but it is advisable to hand wash it. Regular use of dishwasher will dull the looks of the handle.



Every product has pros and cons and it is the overpowering of pros over cons that make a product a perfect choice to be bought. Comparing the product with other similar products available in the market is also an essential point while buying any product.


They are better than the other brand’s cookware present in the market. Therefore, the verdict would be that if you are looking for a great value for the money, then opting for iCook cookware is the perfect and the most preferable choice. Not only this, but you can also buy your cookware in bulk, as a set, and for a cheaper price as well. Find out if you can use this cookware on the electric stove.




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