Indoor Gas Stove With Propane Tank

Best 5 Indoor Gas Stove With Propane Tank in 2022

Whether your space is limited or you want some portability, an indoor gas stove with propane tank can get the job done. While initially designed for outdoor uses or camping purposes, you can now find indoor gas stoves for sale that could be used indoors as well. Most of them are portable, so they make an excellent choice for those who love camping or cooking outdoors too. It is all about portability.


Now, choosing the best product is a different story because there are simply too many options. Luckily, a little research will get the job sorted. Find out what to look for in an indoor gas stove running with propane, but also discover the best rated units in the industry.

Comparison Table Of Best 5 Indoor Gas Stove With Propane Tank

Gas One GS-3900PIt exceeds in power and safety standards.$$ Check Latest Price
Camplux JK-5310
It is compact and come with piezo automatic ignition.$ Check Latest Price
Outbound Propane Gas Stove
It was built to last and features two burners.$$ Check Latest Price
Gas One GS-3400PIt is portable and features a gas flow cutoff mechanism.$ Check Latest Price
Coleman Portable Butane StoveIt features easy controls and rust resistant materials.$ Check Latest Price

Our picks

These indoor gas stoves with propane tanks are carefully selected based on the brand’s reputation and the amount of reviews they have.


Gas One GS-3900P
Indoor Gas Stove With Propane Tank

  • One of the most powerful indoor gas stoves with propane on the market at 15,000 BTUs
  • Comes with the adaptor for a different type of fuel – you can also buy it in a package with fuel cans
  • A few different safety features, mostly to prevent leaks and risky cartridge replacement
  • Features four wind blockers for outdoor cooking, as well as piezo-electric ignition to clear the necessity of matches or lighters
  • No fuel cartridges included in the package if you buy the basic option

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Power and uses

Gas One does not fool around when it comes to power. It is known for creating some of the most powerful units on the market. This indoor gas stove with propane tan comes with not less than 15,000 BTUs. Apart from propane (16.4 ounce cartridges), it also works with butane (eight ounce cartridges) – the fuel must be purchased separately. You do have the adaptor hose though. Moreover, if you use it outside, you have four heavy duty wind blockers to protect the burner.


Ease of use

The unit comes with a professional piezo-electric ignition system. It is convenient and easy to use without requiring lighters or matches. Besides, given its size (13x10x4 inches and 2.2 pounds), it is also portable. It comes with a sturdy carrying case for transportation should you feel like cooking outdoors. Controls are conveniently located on one side – there are not too many of them anyway. They are intuitive, so chances are you will never need to use the manual at all.


Safety standards

The stove has been designed with safety and security in mind. There is nothing to worry about regarding its operation. A gas flow cut off mechanism prevents gas accumulations when you cook indoors. Practically, if the gas flow or pressure is not regular, the unit will turn off by itself. It has some specific standards that will usually kick in when the fuel is about to end. While it feels a bit risky, replacing the fuel cartridge is extremely safe and simple. There is a pressure sensor cartridge ejection system that will prevent accidents and make replacement a breeze.


Camplux JK-5310

  • Works with both propane and butane – the converter regulator is included, but the fuel is not
  • Easy to turn on due to piezo automatic ignition – great for outdoor uses as well
  • Easy to keep clean – just wipe the surface and clean the dripping tray with soap and water
  • Versatile – can be used indoors, as well as indoors or in recreational vehicles
  • Fitting the converter regulator could be a bit confusing if you have never used such stoves before

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Convenience and operation

Camplux surely knows what convenience means. This indoor gas stove with propane task is relatively light and compact. It weighs just over 3.5 pounds and measures 13×11.2×3.14 inches. It is portable and can be taken to your outdoor kitchen or on your camping trips. Other than that, while initially designed to work with propane, it is also compatible with butane. You will need a different type of can though. The fuel is not included in the package, but must be purchased separately. Go for eight ounce canisters if you use butane or 16.4 ounce cartridges if you use propane.


Power standards

There is nothing to be concerned about in terms of power. The unit can come up with 7,200 BTUs. It is not the most powerful indoor gas stove with propane tank on the market, but it is more than enough for most cooking operations. Whether you cook with propane or butane, you will have a converter regulator, so you only need to buy the fuel.


Ease of use and maintenance

Everything about this stove is straightforward and intuitive, but you should still take a look in the manual. It comes with piezo automatic ignition, so there is no need to rely on lighters or matches. Controls are simple and easy to understand – just like a regular stove. As for the overall maintenance, the enamel surface is easy to clean. You also get a dripping tray, which only needs water and a dish washing detergent.


Outbound Propane Gas Stove

  • Two different burners with a total power of 20,000 BTUs altogether
  • Folds down like a briefcase and unfolds with protection against wind
  • Made of sturdy and durable materials that can take high temperatures and heavy weights
  • Can also be used outside for camping trips or in outdoor kitchens
  • Propane canister must be attached and removed whenever you start and finish cooking

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Sturdiness and durability

Outbound’s best indoor gas stove with propane tank is likely to give you many years of regular uses. It features a sturdy design with a few wind back panels should you decide to cook outdoors. Everything folds down, so it becomes a compact piece that could be carried everywhere. It has a sturdy steel handle for easy transportation too. Other than that, the stove is made of steel, meaning it can take extreme temperatures and heavy weights. The drip tray is also made of stainless steel.


Sizing and portability

The stove measures 18.5x11x3.5 inches. It becomes a bit bigger when unfolded and the wind protection kicks in. Even if you do not need it indoors, you will still have to put it up in order to access the actual burners. It is lightweight and looks like a case when folded – plus, the handle makes transportation even easier.


Cooking features

Unlike other indoor or camping gas stoves, this one comes with two different burners, so you get some extra convenience. There are two different control valves – fully adjustable. This way, you have full control over the temperature. Altogether, the stove brings in 20,000 BTUs. Moreover, you have a propane attachment, so replacing tanks is fairly simple.


Gas One GS-3400P

  • Works with butane and propane, but it also has a converter regulator included in the package
  • A few safety measures to help if the pressure is too low or the cartridge must be replaced
  • Easy to use due to its simplistic controls and piezo-electric ignition
  • Can be used indoors, in regular kitchens or recreational vehicles, but also outdoors
  • Manual of instructions could have been a bit more detailed

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Uses and operation

Initially designed for outdoor uses, this gas stove makes an excellent choice for indoor uses too. You can use it inside a recreational vehicle or your own kitchen – great for emergency situations too. All in all, the stove works with both propane (16.4 ounces) and butane (eight ounces). You have a converter regulator in the package. However, you must buy the fuel separately. Make sure you stick to the recommended cartridge size.


Ease of use

You do not have to be a genius to figure out how to use this indoor gas stove with propane tank. It has a few controls on the front side – one to unlock the fuel and another one to turn the unit on or off. You will not need any matches or lighters, as most Gas One products rely on piezo-electric ignition – just press the button and the gas will hit a tiny sparkle. There is only one burner in the middle of the stove and 8.000 BTUs.


Portability and safety

Measuring 5.3×4.4×1.7 inches and weighing just over three pounds, this unit comes with a carry case too. In other words, you can move it outdoors if the weather is nice and you feel like cooking in nature. As for safety, there are two great settings to keep you safe. First, you have a gas flow cutoff mechanism that applies if the pressure feels low or not regular. Second, the cartridge can be taken out with a pressure sensor ejection system, which makes the operation simple.


Coleman Portable Butane Stove

  • Standard power for this price range and size – it can match pans up to 10 inches in diameter
  • Straightforward and intuitive controls located on the front side of the stove
  • Compact and lightweight, meaning it is portable and can be used anywhere
  • Easy to clean with just a cloth, some water and soap
  • Standard gas cylinders for this stove must be purchased separately

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Sizing standards and power

Coleman’s indoor gas stove with propane tank 20x12x4 inches and weighs just over 4.5 pounds. It is a compact unit that you can carry it with you anywhere. This gas stove can be used indoors if your space is limited, as well as inside your recreational vehicle or outdoors. It comes with a carry case as well. In terms of power, it brings in 7,650 BTUs, which is standard for this industry. To help you get an idea about its size, it can easily fit a pan up to 10 inches in diameter.

Ease of use and operation 

The unit does not require any lighters or matches to start. Instead, you can use the so called instant start ignition. Press a button and a sparkle will light the gas. It runs with 8.8 ounce butane cylinders. They are not included in the package, so you need to purchase them separately. You can cook for about 75 minutes with one of these cylinders at full power – more if you keep the power low.

Controls and maintenance

Controls are fairly simple. There are two of them and they are located on the front side of the unit. One of them unlocks the stove, while the other one controls the power. The stove is made of solid materials – the burner, for instance, is made of aluminum. The grate is coated with durable porcelain. Practically, your unit will resist rust overtime, while maintenance is all about a bit of soap, water, and a clean cloth.


Buying Guide For An Indoor Gas Stove With Propane Tank

Indoor Gas Stove With Propane Tank

Buying an indoor gas stove with propane tank may seem difficult if you have never had one, but knowing what to look for can lead you in the right direction.



The size is one of the most important considerations and it is highly connected to how you plan to use the stove. If you only need it for your kitchen due to limited space, make sure it can fit. Most units are quite compact and would have no problems at all. If you also want to move it around to your outdoor kitchen or take it on your camping trips, make sure it is lightweight enough.



The power affects what you can cook and how fast you can do it. Anything over 7,500 BTUs for a burner will do with most cooking tasks. More is better, of course, but expenses will also increase. Some gas stoves with propane go up to 10,000 BTUs or double than that. They will get the job done faster but at a higher expense.



It is hard to tell how durable an indoor gas stove with propane tank could be, but you can take a look at its materials and get a general idea. Look for iron, steel or aluminum. Different parts are usually made of different materials. At the same time, a smooth coating will make maintenance a breeze, which is just as important.


Control panel

While a stove with lots of controls may look sophisticated and interesting, the truth is you only need one or two controls. Less controls mean less hassle and headache. Plus, there are fewer things that could break down, so stick to simple things.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is perfectly normal to have a few questions before making a final decision.


Is it safe to use a propane gas stove indoors?

Propane tends to release more carbon monoxide, so it is more dangerous than a classic alternative. However, many units are designed to be used indoors too, especially if the power is not that big. Make sure the place is well aerated though – great idea to prevent the unpleasant smells too.


Can I use different sizes cylinders for my gas stove?

Ideally, you should stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations, rather than play around with gas. You can use different sized cylinders with gas stoves with propane for sale if you buy the right adaptors, but you better make sure you know what you are doing.


How much power do I need in an indoor gas stove with propane tank?

It depends on what you cook. Generally, most cooking tasks can be done efficiently with 7,500 BTUs. More power will help you finish faster, but you will also waste more gas. Again, it depends on how sophisticated your recipes are or the amount of food you prepare.



Bottom line, choosing the best indoor gas stove with propane tank is not the most difficult job in the world. There are more options out there, but some of them stand out in the crowd. Make sure they can match your personal necessities in terms of size, power, and other considerations first. Once you have these covered, making the final decision is a matter of time only.


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