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Kucht Range Reviews in 2022|Read Before You Buy

Kucht has made a statement with its products – specifically designed for those who enjoy cooking in a practical manner. While in theory simple and straightforward, Kucht ranges also define traditional style in a beautiful manner. Traditional cooking is back in trends as it is supposed to be – easy and fun. With a bunch of different options to choose from, Kucht aims to deliver the optimal cooking experience. Deciding on the right Kucht range could be a bit of a challenge though. There are some good options out there, and no matter how well designed they are, they cannot make everyone happy. In other words, you need to find something that can meet your unique needs. Furthermore, a few Kucht range reviews will make your life easier, as you know exactly what to expect before buying a product.

Comparison Table of Kucht Range Reviews

kucht Range Reviews Kucht KRG4804UIt comes with two ovens and high-quality materials.$$ Check Latest Price
Kucht KRD306FIt features automatic ignition and is based on stainless steel.$$ Check Latest Price
Kucht Range Reviews Kucht KRG3618U-SIt prevents gas leaks and features a good capacity for its size.$$ Check Latest Price
Kucht KNG481-GIt comes with a heavy-duty construction and great capacity.$$$ Check Latest Price
Kucht KRG3080U-SIt comes with a durable construction and good value for money.$$ Check Latest Price

Our Picks Of The Kucht Range Reviews

Based on a series of reviews, specifications, and quality standards, here are some of the top-rated Kucht ranges on the market, as well as what you can expect from them – from build and sizing to pluses and minuses.


Kucht KRG4804U

kucht Range Reviews

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  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Six burners and two ovens
  • Easy to look after
  • Quite compact, despite its size
  • Durable knobs and handles
  • Those who use propane gas will need to buy a different appliance

There are plenty of Kucht 48” range reviews regarding the KRG4804U model, so it is definitely worth some consideration. The unit is suitable for larger families – after all, you get two different sides for this range, as well as two different ovens with massive windows. You can prepare food for your entire family without having to wait.


Burners are just as diversified. There are six of them – ranging between 12,000BTU and 18,500BTU. As for the ovens, one of them measures 30 inches and puts out 22,000BTU. The smaller one has 18 inches and 15,000BTU. The main oven will give you an infrared broiler as well – 16,500BTU. Simply put, you have more than enough for all kinds of dishes.


The control panel is straightforward and intuitive. Each side of the range has the knobs in the right place. The right side has four knobs for the burners and one for the oven. The left one carries the same type of design. There is an extra knob in the middle for the griddle. Each knob is clearly marked, so you know exactly which burner you are lighting on.


All burners are sealed, so you are less likely to end up with crumbs or food leftovers inside them. There are three different cooking grates that will match together perfectly – you can also slide pots and pans without having to lift them up – simply slide them away. All grates are based on heavy-duty cast iron, so they are likely to last.


In terms of sizing, this unit measures 28x48x36 inches. It is quite large, so you will need a decently sized kitchen for it. If you have a big family, chances are you do have plenty of space for everyone. The freestanding unit works with natural gas. It is only available in classic silver and it is based on stainless steel for most parts, so it will not quit on you too soon.

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Kucht KRD306F

Kucht Range Reviews

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  • Solid and durable construction
  • Automatic ignition to prevent leaks
  • Compact for its capacity
  • Easy to use and straightforward
  • Dual fuel
  • Fan might feel a bit loud once the oven is stopped

Based on a series of Kucht range reviews, this unit gives you the opportunity to feel and cook like a professional, but without the hassle associated with ultra-expensive ranges. The range is, indeed, larger than average. The oven will bring in an incredible capacity of 4.2 cubic feet, which is more than what you can find in this range. It also comes with a large window and a five-rack configuration.


The top brings in four different burners. You have two smaller units – 12,000BTU each. Then, you have a middle burner – 15,000BTU – and a large one – 18,000BTU. It is more than enough to prepare food for a whole family or even some guests. The top is split into two different areas, with a grid in the middle – great to have a plate in there and pick up food when ready.


While relatively compact and traditional in size, this range will surprise you with its capabilities. It brings in the power and quality standards of a professional kitchen. The baking oven has two elements – a base of 3,000 watts and a top of 850 watts. You also gain access to a broiler heating element of 3,500 watts – located on the top.


In terms of style and control, get back to classic solutions. People are quite tired of fancy touchscreens that stop working when least expected. Stop wasting your time and get back to the classic manual controls. Feel the knobs, know exactly how much gas to let out and gain full control over your cooking experience – simple as that.


The range has electronic ignition. Plus, it has automatic ignition should the gas go off. This type of feature is related to health and safety and can lower the risks of potential leaks. When it comes to the actual design and style, you will get a full stainless steel unit with cast iron grates – chances are it will last for ages.

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Kucht KRG3618U-S

Kucht Range Reviews

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  • Good capacity for its size
  • Automatic prevention of gas leaks
  • Six burners
  • Durable construction
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • No propane conversion

Based on a plethora of Kucht range reviews, this unit may seem basic and traditional, but it will make you feel like a professional. Bake and cook with no issues at all due to the impressive oven capacity – 5.2 cubic feet. The window is quite large, so you can keep an eye on the food – plus, there is a five rack configuration.


The top is just as impressive – you have six different burners. The biggest one puts out 18,000BTU, while the middle ones come out with 15,000BTU. There are also three smaller burners – 12,000BTU. The oven size and burner configuration obviously demand a bit of extra size. Suitable for big families, this range measures 28x36x36 inches.


After years of trying different innovations and ideas, the traditional chef is getting back to classic cooking – you want something practical, rather than something fancy. This range follows the exact same rules. You have manual controls, so you gain full control over the heat. Plus, they are easy to use and straightforward – six knobs for the burners and one in the middle for the oven.


The freestanding unit has sealed burners, full stainless steel construction, and proper cooking grates. They are all even, so you can slide pans and pots without having to lift them up. Moreover, they are a bit crowded, so you are less likely to drop utensils between them. Cooking grates are made of cast iron, so they will last forever.


The ignition is electronic. Should the gas come off, you have a health and safety feature that will reignite it. This feature prevents potential gas leaks. Other than that, it is worth noting that the gas range works with natural gas. Should you want to try propane, you will have to try a different range because this one cannot take conversions.

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Kucht KNG481-G

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  • Impressive capacity for its size
  • Different colors for the doors
  • Manual and traditional controls
  • Full adjustability
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Some door colors are less likely to match most kitchen decors

Kucht’s KNG481-G range is suitable for large families and those who like to take cooking to another level. It is quite large – 28x48x36 inches, but it feels compact given its internal capacity. The unit features two different ovens with independent settings, as well as eight different burners. You no longer need to wait for certain foods to be ready before moving on with your cooking experience – get everything done at once.


The unit is made of stainless steel. It is designed to resist discoloration overtime, as well as rust and corrosion. The inside of the ovens is based on porcelain. All in all, both ovens feature large windows, so you can always see the stage of your food. The oven doors come in six different colors, with green being one of the most popular choices.


Each oven runs independently. The main one is heavy duty and has an internal capacity of 4.2 cubic feet. The second one is smaller – just 2.5 cubic feet. You have a few adjustable grates, so you can always make room for large pots and pans. The bigger unit puts out 22,000BTU – 30 inches. As for the smaller one, it is only 18 inches, but it puts out 15,000BTU.


Kucht aims to bring back traditional cooking. While lots of people have found touchscreen control and modern technologies attractive a few years ago, things are going back classic. You have manual controls – eight different knobs. There is a knob for each burner, as well as a knob for each oven. You gain full control and little to no hassle at all.


The eight burners come in different sizes, so you can adjust your cooking session in the smallest details. The top of the range features a cast iron grid – four different pieces that come together like a puzzle. They are less likely to move, and since they are even, you can easily move pots and pans without having to lift them up.

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Kucht KRG3080U-S

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  • Tough and durable construction
  • Metallic knobs for durability
  • Large capacity and power
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easy to move heavy pots and pans around by sliding them
  • Stopped under the grids feels a bit fragile

Kucht takes baking and cooking back to its origins. Forget about fancy control panels, touchscreens and features that require a manual. Instead, keep it simple and gain full control over the heating process with a traditional range that stands out in the crowd. The unit measures 29x30x40 inches, so it is suitable for most kitchens – single individuals and families as well.


The oven has a standard capacity for this size – 4.2 cubic feet. There is a traditional configuration with five racks, so you can adjust the size based on what you cook – you can easily fit a large turkey instead. Other than that, the oven comes with an oversized window too, so you can keep an eye on your food as it cooks.


The top features four burners – two of them are identical and put out 15,000BTU. The biggest one puts out 18,000BTU, while the smallest one can still come up with 12,000BTU. It is more than enough to cook anything you want at once. As for the oven, it features 22,000BTU, and it comes with a quality 15,000BTU broiler too.


In terms of maintenance, burners are sealed, so small bits and crumbs are less likely to go inside. The unit is made of stainless steel, which will resist corrosion, rust, and discoloration overtime. At the same time, knobs follow the same high-quality standards. Instead of classic plastic knobs, you get metallic controls for durability.


Finally, it is worth noting that cooking grates are based on heavy duty cast iron, and they are all level, meaning you can move heavy pots and pans by sliding them over, rather than lifting them. In terms of health and safety, you have automatic ignition that comes in handy to prevent gas leaks should they ever occur.

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Buying Guide

Whether you are redoing your kitchen or you need an upgrade, you will need more than just a few Kucht 48” range reviews to make a final decision. Here are the most important things to consider when getting a new range.



According to most Kucht range reviews, these units are freestanding. Make sure you know whether you can do with a freestanding unit or you need something that has to fit into a specific countertop design. Measure everything upfront too.


Convection vs Induction

Convection ovens tend to circulate air throughout the whole oven, meaning food will be cooked evenly. They are standard in Kucht, but you may also find older models without them. Induction models focus on the pan and not the oven surface. The burner is less likely to get hot – good for health and safety, especially if you have kids around. You will need particular cookware though.


Gas Vs electric

Both gas and electric ranges have pros and cons. Gas ranges come up with lower costs in the long run, but they are more expensive to buy. Choose something suitable for your energy plan.


Control panel

Kucht has brought back traditional cooking – classic knobs for full control. Some people like the control panel at the back of the range, while others want it in the front.


Overall capacity

Those who live alone or with their partners will obviously have lower requirements than those with large families. Therefore, think about the amount of people you cook for. Every individual in the house should get a cubic foot inside the oven – just a general rule. You do not want to waste hours waiting for certain foods to cook before moving on to the others, but do everything at once.



Burners should match the size of the pots – or better said, the other way around. If you match the size, you will save energy. Sure, if you have some expensive sets, you should actually pay attention to the burners. But if you only use a couple of pots and pans, this aspect is not relevant at all.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Kucht a good brand?

The answer is yes. Kucht kitchen ranges are known for their durability, it is built to last for a long period of time. Not to mention their modern design and gleaming outlook.


Can Kucht ranges be converted to propane gas?

Actual ranges do not come with any conversion kits. However, you can find conversion kits out there, as well as specific ranges that are particularly designed for propane gas. Conversion kits must be purchased separately.


Can I find spare parts for Kucht ranges?

No matter which range you purchase, Kucht can supply spare parts in the unlikely event of an issue. You can find them online or you can get in touch with the customer service.

Does a gas range work without electricity?

You need electricity to turn it on. Should you experience a power outage, simply use a match to light the range.


Can you leave a gas range unattended?

It is not recommended to leave cooking appliances unattended due to the potential risk of fire and stove explosion. No matter how professional or advanced your unit is, small issues can always arise and can lead to a disaster, so make sure you keep an eye on your appliances when you cook.


Are gas ovens hotter than electric ovens?

Gas burns at higher temperatures, which may also create some extra moisture – not so good for a roast. On the other hand, they are also easier to adjust, and adjustments are much faster.


What do electronic ignition and automatic ignition do?

These safety features are quite common in the Kucht ranges. If the burner still supplies gas but the flame goes out, the automatic ignition will start the sparking device again. Such issues occur due to wind, gas flow interruptions, or vibration.



Bottom line, there are plenty of Kucht range reviews out there, and while a range cannot really satisfy everyone’s needs, a bit of research will lead you in the right direction. It is imperative to assess your personal needs first – making a final decision is a matter of time only.

If you are still unsure, do check our thor kitchen range reviews as well.


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