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Thor Range Reviews In 2022 | The Ultimate Guide

Shopping for a gas range could be a daunting task. There are lots of options out there. You can find some decent choices at a local store as well – simply walk around isles, browse and analyze. However, most of these stores only bring in the basics. Chances are you need to go online if you want a reputable brand and a great reputation. At the end of the day, you want quality, value for money and durability. Thor is one of the leading names out there. You do not have to go to the official website to convince yourself. Instead, you will find a plethora of Thor range reviews discussing the modern features associated with these ranges, not to mention the value for money.


The segment is quite diversified though and choosing the best range might be tricky. Based on multiple Thor range reviews from buyers, here are some of the top rated options on the market.

Comparison Table Of Thor Range Reviews

Thor Kitchen HRG3080GMTIt is built to last and features commercial grade and heavy duty features.$$ Check Latest Price
Thor Kitchen LRG3001UIt has powerful burners and a good oven capacity.$$ Check Latest Price
Thor Kitchen LRG3601UIt has six different burners and a high capacity oven.$$ Check Latest Price
Thor Kitchen HRG3618+LPK3618It has an impressive overall burning power and thermostatic controls.$$$ Check Latest Price
Thor Kitchen HRD4803UIt has both electric and gas operation, as well as an LP conversion kit.$$$ Check Latest Price

Our picks – Best 5 Thor gas range reviews in 2022

There are lots of options from Thor and each of them may seem suitable. Make sure you know what you expect from this experience and make this decision with others’ experiences in mind.

Thor Kitchen HRG3080GMT
Thor Range Reviews

  • Extremely simple to keep clean
  • Durable materials in its composition
  • Heavy duty and commercial grade features
  • For powerful burners
  • Great safety features
  • Stainless steel parts are quite thin

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The unit comes with four different burners. They range in power between 12,000 and 18,000 BTU. On the other hand, the tube burner features 13,000 BTU, while the U shaped burner has 22,000 BTU. As for the oven, you can count on a 4.2 cubic foot capacity – enough for a big family.


The cooking grates are based on continuous cast iron. They are made with heavy duty purposes, so chances are they will impress you with their durability. Thor has also implemented stainless steel in this product for a strong design. As for the oven interior, it is made of blue porcelain.


There are a few extras meant to make your life easier when you cook. You have a black porcelain drip pan on the top to ensure easy cleaning. Knobs are made of zinc alloy – extremely durable – and the control board is LED illuminated. Other than that, you get a commercial convection fan, as well as automatic reignition as a safety standard.


Thor Kitchen LRG3001U
Thor Range Reviews


  • Comes with heavy duty materials
  • Efficient burners in terms of power and energy
  • Good oven capacity – 4.55 cubic feet
  • Three layer glass window for the oven
  • Good looking and sleek design
  • Heavier than other gas ranges in this price segment

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Heavy and built to face the test of time, this unit brings in lots of Thor range reviews. It measures 30x29x38 inches, so it is quite compact. At 218 pounds in weight, it is a bit heavier than other units in this range, but the quality is never lightweight. You might need help when installing it though.


The gas range oven comes with five different burners. Despite the compact size, Thor has managed to throw in five different burners – there is an oval burner between the classic cornered burners. Obviously, there is an extra burner in the oven as well, so you get a complete unit.


Apart from the powerful burners, the unit comes with commercial convection oven fans, as well as a black porcelain drip pan. It is made of durable materials and features cast iron and stainless steel. Maintenance is fairly simple. As for the controls, you have six knobs and a button – solid and reliable.


Thor 36 Gas Range With Griddle LRG3601U
Thor Range Reviews

  • Comes with a commercial grade convection fan
  • Maintenance is fairly simple
  • Durable materials in its composition
  • Good burner performance
  • Six burners and a high capacity oven
  • Six burners on the top may feel a bit crowded if you have large pots and pans

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According to numerous Thor range reviews, this might be the best option if you are after size and capacity. There are not less than six different burners. As for the actual oven capacity, you can count on six cubic feet – way above average compared to other units in this price range.


You can purchase this gas range with or without a conversion kit. The LP conversion kit is good value for money and represents the better selling option. Other than that, there are multiple heavy duty elements in its design, such as a commercial grade convection fan. Based on more Thor 36” gas range reviews, the control panel brings in seven different knobs and two buttons – intuitive and easy to operate.


The burner performance will not let you down either. Two of them come with 18,000 BTU, two others come with 12,000 BTU and the last two feature 9,000 BTU. The broil burner has 10,000 BTU, while the U shape burner in the oven has 18,500 BTU. You have a porcelain drip pan for simple maintenance, as well as heavy duty cast iron grates for durability.

Thor Kitchen HRG3618+LPK3618
Thor Range Reviews

  • A total power of 122,500 BTU
  • Clean and spacious oven
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Durable materials
  • Thermostatic controls for specific temperatures
  • You may not be able to accommodate six large pot or pans on the top at the same time

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There are not less than six different burners coming with this gas range. In other words, you can prepare multiple dishes at once with no problems whatsoever. Make sure your pots and pans are in the right size and you should be able to mix all of them on the top. Overall, this gas range measures 36×27.5×39 inches. It weighs over 320 pounds, so it is heavier than the competition.


While pretty much standard for Thor’s units, lots of Thor range reviews mention the commercial grade convection fan. Its primary role is to circulate heat around the oven, so it promotes even cooking – ideal for large pieces that are difficult to cook at the same rate on all sides.


The oven interior is based on blue porcelain. It is clean and spacious – 5.2 cubic feet. The infrared broil burner – 16,500 BTU – is worth being mentioned too. Other than that, you have a couple of nickel-plated oven racks, three cast iron grates, thermostatic controls and halogen light in the oven.


Thor Dual Fuel Range HRD4803U


  • Double design – more burners, more cooking area and more oven capacity
  • Good total power based on the burners and the two ovens
  • Stainless steel and cast iron materials for durability
  • Electric and gas operation
  • LP conversion kit is included in the package
  • There are no self-cleaning features for the ovens

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Do you find cooking a challenging experience when you need to prepare food for your large family? Whether you have more kids or you share the house with a few friends, the limited space on the gas range could be an issue. Based on a series of Thor range reviews, this is the ideal option if you want space. This gas range is designed with professional aspects in mind.


There are six different burners and a double oven. The main gas range measures 30 inches in diagonal, while the second one has 18 inches. The main oven has a 4.2 cubic foot capacity – the second one has 2.5 cubic feet. Basically, you have more options when you prepare food, so versatility will never be an issue. You can be flexible and cut your cooking times in half.


In terms of health and safety, you do not have to worry about the flame. The gas range comes with automatic reignition if the flame goes off. You have a stainless steel drip pan too, so maintenance will never be an issue. Controls are easy to use and based on knobs. Moreover, there is a flat area between the two ranges, which you can use to store food before cooking it.


Buying Guide Of Our Thor Appliances Reviews

Thor Range Reviews

There are a few things to look for when considering a Thor range. For example, you obviously have to keep your budget in mind – ideally, you should set a budget before even shopping. Make sure you keep it realistic though. Other than that, pay attention to your inner chef. What do you like to cook? Do you want an electric range? Do you like gas? You will need to choose between gas, electric, and dual fuel ranges.


The popularity is often overlooked, but it pays off researching a product before spending your money. There are lots of Thor range reviews out there, meaning the company sells. They are positive, so it has a good reputation too. You would rather spend more money on a product with a good reputation than less money on a product that will fail on you before the warranty is over.


Now, what other considerations do you need to keep in mind?



Size is important. There are two general categories – the standard one with 30 inches and the professional one with anywhere between 36 and 48 inches. The bigger size obviously comes with more burners. At the same time, the size is directly proportional with the oven capacity as well.


If you have up to three cubic feet in capacity, you should have enough for a couple or a single individual. Get up to four cubic feet if you have kids and more than that if you have a big family or you cook a lot on a daily basis.


We realized that many kitchen lovers are asking if it is okay to put your stove next to the sink. Yes is safe to put place your stove next to the sink however you need to have space in between them.



In terms of design and looks, gas ranges are different from washing machines and refrigerators. You actually have lots of options in terms of fashion and based on various Thor range reviews, you can choose something to compliment your kitchen.


Most Thor ranges vary between black, white, stainless steel and blue.


Rack positions

The more rack positions you have, the better. This way, you get some flexibility. You can hook up two different trays or perhaps make enough room for a large item – such as a turkey. Some ranges come with five positions – others have more, but the cheapest ones barely have a few.


Double ovens

Double ovens do not necessarily imply more size. Instead, you will have two different ovens with two different capacities. They basically allow you to cook food at two different temperatures. Keep in mind that you will sacrifice some of the capacity for large items. Plus, these ranges are wider, so they require more space.


High heat burner

Pay attention to the number of burners and their power. They usually come in pairs, but this is not a general rule. Some of them provide more power than others. You need at least burner with an impressive power – more than 15,000 BTU. Its main role is to heat up large quantities of food – it will be your favorite and most used burner.



A few extras will be handy at times, but not mandatory. Make sure you actually need them or you will pay extras for no reason. Warming drawers can be helpful every now and then – they can keep your food warm before serving. Other than that, a self cleaning cycle could also be a plus. It will clean your oven without too much hassle.


Pay attention to the health and safety features too. A reignition feature for the flame is quite important – especially if you are too busy to keep an eye on the oven. It will prevent gas related problems, which can be disastrous.


Frequently Asked Questions

Thor Range Reviews

Buying a new gas range is definitely an investment, so you want to make sure you make the best possible decision. A few Thor 36” gas range reviews will be handy, but there will also be a few questions in the process.


Are Thor appliances good quality?

There are a few ways to tell the quality of a new appliance. First, take a look at the Thor range reviews to convince yourself. Second, look at the materials they are made from. When you see stainless steel and cast iron everywhere, you know you can leave yourself in good hands.


Who makes Thor appliances?

Thor Kitchen is the name behind Thor appliances. The company is based in the USA – California, more precisely. Products are shipped all over the world though.


How much BTU do I need?

Generally speaking, BTU requirements vary from one household to another. A single individual will clearly require less BTU than a big family. Normally, you should not settle for anything under 10,000 BTU. A good gas range will have at least one burner with over 15,000 BTU.


What size should I get?

Freestanding gas ranges tend to go in two different categories. The standard ones measure 30 inches. It is the average size out there – suitable for families and single individuals. If you have a large family, you could do with a professional style gas range, which measures more than 36 inches. Professional style ranges can go up to 48 inches in size.


How much clearance does a gas range need?

Double check the manufacturer’s instructions first. Thor has all of its manuals over the Internet, so you can double check before buying. Normally, a gas range will require between one and six inches in side wall spacing. You should have at least 30 inches between the cabinet and the cooktop if you have a cabinet above it.



Bottom line, there are plenty of good Thor range reviews out there. It is almost impossible to find a negative review. On the same note, choosing the right burner depends on your personal needs and expectations. You could not go wrong with Thor, but make sure you assess your necessities upfront.


Thor Kitchen LRG3001U, for instance, provides excellent value for money. However, if you are after a more professional unit for your large family, it might be worth making a higher investment in Thor Kitchen HRD4803U, which features six burners and a double oven.


The good news is that no matter what model you choose, quality standards will not disappoint you. Thor Kitchen brings in durable designs, sleek styles, and great burning power. If Thor is still not up to your expectation, ever heard of Kucht?


Thank you for making it this far and I hope you enjoy reading this article.  Ever question yourself if gas stoves need to be vented? Find out now.

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